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  1. What are the signs and symptoms of portal hypertension?
    • *Presents with painless upper GI hemorrhage due to esophageal varices

    • Sono findings
    • *Spleenomegaly
    • * Ascites
    • * Portal system venous collaterals
  2. What is a TIPS shunt?
    Transjugular intrahepatic portal systemic shunting

    placed between the hepatic vein and portal vein (RHV & RPV)
  3. What direction is hepatopedal and hepatofugal flow?
    Hepatopedal - flow toward the liver

    hepatofugal - flow away from the liver
  4. What is Budd-Chiari syndrome and who is it most commonly found in?
    Disorder from a hepatic vein obstruction by thrombus or tumor

    *found in young women on birth control*
  5. When will you see portal vein gas? and where will it typically be seen
    • Ischemic bowl disease
    • (Ulcerative colitis, crohns)

    *intrahepatic portal veins in the periphery of the liver
  6. Characteristics of a cavernous hemangioma?
    Most common benign tumor of the liver

    • *hyperechoic
    • *enhances sound
  7. What is a echinococcal cyst and its characteristics?
    • Hydatid disease
    • *parasitic (tapeworm)
    • cyst
    • cyst with detached endocyst

    *DO NOT DRAIN---TOXIC---can cause anaphalactic shock
  8. What covers the portal triad vessels that make it have a hyperechoic appearance?
    Glisson's capsule
  9. What and where is a pyogenic abscess?
    Bacterial abscess

    Common in Rt lobe

    *does not have to travel out of the US*
  10. What, where and how is an amebic abscess?
    Parasite (amoeba) from intestines - thru portal vein

    Rt Lobe

    Travels from other countries
  11. What, and how is a fungal abscess?
    Mycotic (fungal) infection

    • 1)wheel within a wheel
    • 2)bull's eye
    • 3)uniformly hypoechoic focus
    • 4)echogenic focus
  12. What are the four hepatic fissures?
    • * Main Lobular
    • * Rt intersegmental
    • * Lt intersegmental
    • *divides left lobe into medial and lateral segment
    • * Ligamentum venosum
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