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  1. balanced forces
    a net force of zero
  2. centripetal force
    a force that acts perpendicular to the direction of motion and towards the center of attraction (only when an object is moving in a circular motion)
  3. compression force
    a squeezing force applied to an object that can make the object shrink
  4. contact force
    a force that is exerted only when objects are touching
  5. elastic force
    the force exerted by a material when it is stretched or compressed
  6. force
    a push or a pull
  7. friction
    a contact force that acts to resist sliding between two touching surfaces
  8. gravity
    an attractive force between all objects that have mass
  9. net force
    the combination of all the forces acting on an object
  10. Newton's first law of motion
    if the net force on an object is zero, an object at rest remains at rest (and an object in motion remains in motion without a change in its velocity)
  11. Newton's second law of motion
    acceleration equals the net force exerted on the object divided by the object's mass
  12. Newton's third law of motion
    when one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal force in the opposite direction on the first object
  13. noncontact force
    a force exerted when objects are not touching
  14. examples of noncontact forces (3)
    • gravitational force
    • magnetic force
    • electric force
  15. normal force
    a force exerted by an object perpendicular to the surface of the object
  16. tension force
    pulling force applied to an object that can make the object stretch
  17. Law of universal gravitation
    • all objects are attracted to each other with a force that depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between them (the larger the mass, the greater the force;
    • the closer the distance, the greater the force)
  18. unbalanced forces
    when the net force on an object is not zero
  19. static friction
    the force between two surfaces in contact that keeps them from sliding when a force is applied
  20. sliding friction
    the force that opposes movement between two objects sliding against each other
  21. force pairs
    the forces two objects exert on each other (they act in opposite directions and are the same size)
  22. action and reaction
    • action force: the force applied by one object on another
    • reaction force: the equal but opposite force the second object exerts on the first
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Science - ch.2 (Forces) Flashcards
Science - Ch.2 (Forces) Flashcards