american music

  1. Jazz characteristics
    Improvisation, swing rhythmic feel, a historical lineage of innovators and associated styles.
  2. Improvisation
    creating music on the spot, composing and performing at the same time. no 2 improvised performances are exactly the same.
  3. Jazz compositions
    integrate formaly written melodies, rhythyms and harmonies with sections devoted to improvisation.
  4. swing
    A rythm that makes people want to move, dance, or snap their fingers. easy to feel, difficult to notate and define. when the music feels like it is going faster but is not.

    Take a series of even beats lengthing the first and shortening the second to create a of pairs of long and short notes.

    swing is NOT found in all Jazz
  5. free jazz
    avante garde-jazz with very few rules
  6. fusion jazz
    jazz blended with rock
  7. Jazz lineage*important
    jazz can be defined in terms of historical contributions
  8. jazz linege contributers*Important
    Louis Armstrong, Duke ellington, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, John coltrane...they expanded new musical directions that many other musicians followed and expanded on.
  9. ragtime development
    late 19th century- significantly contributed to the evolution of jazz. We would call alot of these jazz but the term had not yet been coined. the 2 genres overlapped and influenced one another.
  10. ragtime
    piano based music in which musicians mixed complex syncopated rythms with traditional european marches, parlor songs, and light classical music in a style called "ragging." ragged (syncopated) rythms they created.
  11. Habanera
    influence on ragtime. A cuban dance rythm popular in the u.s. in the early 1870's. at the turn of the century (1800's-1900's) it was the most popular music in the country.
  12. scott joplin
    ragtimes greatest innovator was at the columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. HIs attendance helped shape the music. 1897-wrote maple leaf rag, the piece of sheet music to sell over a million copies.
  13. maple leaf rag
    written by Scott Joplin, it was the first piece of sheet music to sell over 1 million copies.
  14. player piano
    also called the pianola-it was the first mechanism for recording and reproducing music with a good fidelity. it was operated by a means of small holes punched onto a roll of paper that trigger a pneumatic lifter to strike the appropriate key on a specific manufactured piano.
  15. potato head blues
    written by louis Armstrong
  16. freddie kepbard
    passed up the oppurtunity to be the first jazz artist to ever record.
  17. name of the first jazz band to ever record
    original dixieland jazz band-first to record a jazz record, they claimed that black people had nothing to do with the creation of jazz.
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