1. the agency charged with the developing curriculum and accrediation standards for funeral service education programs in the united states
    american board of funeral service education
  2. early Roman view of the afterlife which emphasizes the soul as the vital principle; the soul at death hovered around the place of burial and required constant attention of the descendents to be happy; neglect would bring evil upon them
    aministic view
  3. human shaped; some early coffins were described as anthropoidal shaped
  4. Egyptian god of embalming said to be of human form with the head of a jackal
  5. culture associated with the practice of immersing the body of the dead in earthen jars filled with honey or wax
  6. approx. 1540-1745 were the sole agency permitted to embalm and perform anatomical dissections in the city of London
  7. forerunner of today's hearse; a hand stretcher on which the uncoffined body was carried to the grave
  8. belief or practice of draining a quantity of blood to cure illness or disease
  9. generic term used in America to designate all burial receptacles as new variations of the coffin were being offered
    burial case
  10. created in 1800's London by the 'poor' people as a means to afford funerals; costs were shared by others via weekly collections; were the forerunners of industrial insurance
    burial club
  11. required that woolen cloth be substituted for linen in shroud and lining of the coffin; was an attemp to shift the use of imported linen to the expanding paper industry of England and provide customers for the wool industry; heavy fines were assessed for violation; not repealed until 1814
    Burial in Woolen Act of 1666
  12. outer enclosure for caskets placed in the grave; originally intended to prevent grave robbery
    burial vault
  13. used by Egyptians; 4 jars usually made of alabaster, limestone, clay or basalt, whose tops were surmounted by the images of the four children of Horus, each held a specific portion of the visera of the deceased
    canopic jars
  14. from the french term 'casse' meaning 'jewel box' or container for something valuable
  15. organization of the casket manufacturers intended to facilitate sharing of information (now known as the Casket & Funeral Supply Association)
    Casket Manufacturers Association
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