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  1. 2 reasons to isolate a patient
    -prevent the spread of disease causing infection

    -to protect the patient
  2. Enteric Islolation
    ie. Salmonella, CDAD

    gown, gloves must be worn. Hand must be washed before entering
  3. Respiratory Isolation
    ie TB, MRSA in sputum, SARS

    Door must be closed, must enter room with wash hands and wear mask, respiratory secretions must be disinfected
  4. Reverse Isolation
    for patient with immunocompromise system. ie burns, leukemia

    door kept closed, wash hand enter and leaving, wears gowns, masks, and gloves
  5. Strict Isolation
    spread by air, direct contact, or indirect contact ie. pneumonia and norwalk

    private room closed. hands wash entering and leaving, wears gowns, masks, and gloves, articles must be sterilize
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