1. Majority Leader
    Schedualing bills in the house.

    Rounding up votes on the partys behalf of the partys legislation.
  2. Speaker of the house.
    The House:

    - Cheif among leadership positions in the H.R. is Speaker of the house.

    -only mandated by the constitution

    • 1) Presides over the house when its in session
    • 2) Plays a major role in making comittee assignments, which are coveted by all members to ensure their electoral advantage.
    • 3) Appoints or plays a key role in appointing the party's legislative leaders and leadership staff.
    • 4) Excercise substancial control over which bills get assigned to which commitees.
  3. House Rules of the commitee
    -Both house and senate set their own agenda's

    --> Reviews bills coming from a house commitee before they go to a full house.
  4. Bicameral Legistature
    Legislature divided into two houses.

    -US congress is bicameral, except Nebraska.

    -For each state is garunteed two senators and its number of representatives is determined by the poplation of the state.
  5. Stability and Change
    Provides an opportunity for representatives and senators to gain some expertise in dealing with complex questions of public policy.

    -Insulate them from political change
  6. Open Seats
    • When an incumbent is not running for reelection and their seat
    • is open =COMPETITION!
  7. How to defeat a INCUMBENT(S)
    -Incumbent tarnished by scandal or corruption = VULNERABLE

    -Incumbents may also be redistricted out of their familiar turfs.

    -States that gain significantly in a number of population will be given more seats compared to states in which has decreased population will lose seats.
  8. The role of Party Identification
    Most members of congress represent constituencies in which their party is in clear majority, and most people who identify with a party reliability vote for its canidates.

    -90% of voters who identify with a party vote.
  9. Pork Barrel
    List of federal projects, grants, and contracts available to cities, busineses, colleges, and institutions.

    Advantages: More favorable public image than opponent
  10. Incumbents
    Individuals who already hold office.

    -Sometime during each term, the incumbent must decide to run again or retire.

    -Incumbents usually win.
  11. How many members of congress are there?
    535 members. Even hundered, two from each state, are members of senate. Other 435 are members of House of Representatives.

    -Members of house must be 25yrs and American Citizens for seven years

    -Senators must be 30yrs and American citizens for nine years.

    -All members of congress must be residents of the states from which they are elected.
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