16-1 The End of the Kingdom of Judah

  1. Who is the son of King Manasseh?
  2. What did Amon do with regard to the religious worship in Judah?
    He led Judah return to paganism.
  3. How did Amon's reign end, and who succeed him?
    • Amon was assassinated.
    • The people made Amon's son, Josiah, king at the age of 8.
  4. When did King Josiah reign in Judah?
    640-609 BC
  5. During whose reign did Assyrian empire begin to crumble as Babylon grew in power?
    during the reign of Josiah
  6. What significant action did Josiah do with regard to the Temple?
    He ordered a renovation of the Temple.
  7. During the renovation of the Temple commanded by Josiah, something valuable was discovered in it. Who discovered it, and what was the thing discovered?
    During the renovation, the priest Hilkiah discovered "the book of the Law given to Moses" which many believe was a copy of the Book of Deuteronomy.
  8. What did Josiah do in his zeal for the Lord?
    He destroyed all objects of pagan worship and "deflied Topeth that no one might burn his children as an offering to Molech.
  9. How did Josiah die?
    He died in a battle with Pharaoh Neco.
  10. What is Topeth?
    a location in Jerusalem in the valley of Hinnom where the Canaanites burned their children alive as a sacrifice to the god Molech.
  11. List of Josiah's successors until the Babylonian exile
    • Jehoahaz (609): removed from the throne by Pharaoh after three months rule because he favored Babylon
    • Jehoiakim (609-598): revolted against Babylon
    • Jeconiah (598): taken into exile by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon
    • Zedekiah (597-586): waffled between Babylon and Egypt; his rebellion led to the complete destruction of Jerusalem and the exiling of all but a remnant
  12. What happened to the religious and moral life of Judah after Josiah?
    The religious and moral reforms of Josiah were reversed in the days of his successors.
  13. When was Jerusalem captured by Babylon?
    598 BC
  14. Who were the people exiled to Babylon? What kind of people, and what were their occupations?
    Many top citizens were exiled to Babylon in 598, and then the remaining top citizens were exiled in 586.
  15. What led to the complete destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon in 586?
    the rebellion of Zedekiah, a regent whom the Babylonians allowed to reign in Judah after they attacked Judah in 598
  16. Who was Gedaliah?
    He was a native prince whom the Babylonians set up as governor of a drastically reduced Judah after the complete destruction of 586.
  17. Who murdered Gedaliah?
    a zealous patriot named Ishmael
  18. How were the Jews classified according to where they went in the mid-500s BC?
    • anawim in the devastated Judea: very few Jews that remained in the Promised Land
    • those who fled to Egypt in fear of Babylonian reprisal
    • those who were exiled to Babylon, who would later return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple
  19. Where did Jeremiah go during the Babylonian exile?
    He was taken by the group who fled to Egypt.
  20. What was God's purpose behind the Babylonian exile, as seen by Jeremiah?
    It was to punish the Israelites for their infidelity to the covenant.
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16-1 The End of the Kingdom of Judah
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