Social Studies Test

  1. 1.The states oil producing area is where?
    The Williston Basin
  2. 2.What altered the course of rivers in North Dakota?
    glaciers during the ice age
  3. 3. What glacier covered most of North Dakota.
  4. Wisconsinan Glacier
  5. 4. When the glacier receded, what glacial lakes were created?
  6. Created lake Agassiz, Lake Souris, Glacial Devils Lake
  7. 5. In size where does North Dakota rank?
  8. 17th
  9. 6. Who are North Dakotas Five neighbors?
    Manitoba, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota
  10. 7. What is the major river in the eastern part of the State?
    Red River
  11. 8.What Parallel forms the northern boundary of North Dakota?
    49th Parallel
  12. 9. Name North Dakota’s three geographical regions
  13. Red River Valley, Drift
    Prairie, Missouri Plateau
  14. 10. What region of North Dakota has been called the “Nile of the North is the?
    Red River Valley
  15. 11. Which region has the lowest elevation and is flat?
    Drift Prairie Region
  16. 12.The Drift Prairie’s only heavily wooded area is where?
  17. 13. What region has the highest elevation in the state.
    Missouri Plateau Region
  18. 14. What is the states most noteworthy topographic feature?
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