Vocab Chap 1-5

  1. Chapter 1
    -disadvantage, something that causes damage, harm, or loss.

    ex: Smoking is a detriment to your health.
  2. Dexterous
    -skillful in using the hands and the body

    ex: The juggler was so dexterous that he managed to keep five balls in motion at once.
  3. Discretion
    -good sense, good judgement or tact in actions or speaking

    ex: Ali wasn't using much discretion when he passed a police car at eighty miles an hour.
  4. Facetious
    -funny, humorous; playful, joking.

    ex: My boss always says "you don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps." I hope she's just being facetious.
  5. Gregarious
    -outgoing, sociable; enjoying and seeking the company of others.

    ex: My gregarious brother loves parties, but my shy sister prefers to be alone.
  6. Optimum
    -ideal, best possible; most favorable; most desirable.

    ex: For the weary traveler, optimum hotel accommodations include a quiet room, a comfortable bed and efficient room service.
  7. Ostentatious
    -showy; meant to impress others; flashy

    ex: My show-off aunt has some ostentatious jewelary, such as a gold bracelet that's so heavy she can hardly lift her arm.
  8. Scrupulous
    -ethical; careful about moral standards; conscientious

    ex: The judge was scrupulous about never accepting a bribe or allowing a personal hreat to influence his decisions.
  9. Sensory
    -of the senses; having to do w/ seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, or smelling

    ex: Because our sensory experience are interrelated, what we taste is greatly influenced by what we smell.
  10. Vicarious
    -indirect; experienced through the imagination; not experienced directly.

    ex: I don't like to take risks myself, but I love the vicarious thrill of watching death-defying adventures in a movie.
  11. Chapter 2
    -to act as a team; to work together on a project; cooperate in an effort.

    ex: When Sarah and I were asked to collabrate on an article for the school newspaper, we found it difficult to work together.
  12. Despondent
    -depressed; down hearted; hopeless; overwhelmed with sadness.

    ex: For months after his wife died, Mr. Craig was dedenspont. No matter how hard they tried, his family and friends could not cheer him up.
  13. Instigate
    -to cause; to bring about by moving others to action; stir up.

    ex: The rock group's violent preformance instigated a riot in the audience.
  14. Resilient
    ( ri-zil-yent)
    -quick to recover; able to recover quickly from harm, illness or misfortune.

    ex: Children can be amazingly resilient.
  15. Retrospect
    -looking back; reviewing the past; considering past events

    ex: After hobbling around on her broken foot for a week before seeing a doctor, Mae then needed surgery. In retrospect, it's clear she should have gotten help sooner.
  16. Rudimentary
    -basic; fundamental; necessary to learn first

    ex: A grammer book usually starts with rudimentary skills, such as identifying mouns and verbs.
  17. Scoff
    - to laugh at, to make fun of, mock; refuse to take seriously.

    ex: Bystanders scoffed at the street musician playing a tune on a row of tin cans, but he seemed unaware that people who were making fun of him.
  18. Squelch
    -to hold back; to silence, suppress; crush

    ex: My history teacher shot me a dirty look during class when I couldn't quite manage to squelch a burp.
  19. Venerate
    -to honor, to respect deeply; revere

    ex: The Tlingit Indians venerate the wolf and the raven, and their totem poles illustrate stories in praise of these animals.
  20. Zealot
    -an extremist; a person totally devoted to a purpose or cause

    ex: Annie, a zealot about health, runs a hundred miles a week and never lets a grain of sugar touch her lips.
  21. Chapter 3
    -unclear; able to be interpreted in more than one way; not clear

    ex: The portrait known as the "Mona Lisa" is famous for the woman's ambiguous expresson: Is she smiling or not?
  22. Dissident
    -a rebel; a person opposed to establish ideas or beliefs, especially in politics or religion

    ex: In a dictatorship dissidents are not tolerated. People who speak out against the government may be imprisoned or even executed.
  23. Embellish
    -to decorate; beautify by adding details

    ex: Lauren embellished the door of her room with postcards from her friends and photos of her cats.
  24. Fritter
    -to waste; to spend a little at time

    ex: Vince fritters away both his time and his money playing game after game in video arcades.
  25. Inadvertent
    -not intended; unintentional; accidental

    ex: The final draft of Nancy's paper was shorter than the previous version, but this was inadvertent she accidentally deleted an entire page without realizing it.
  26. Inane
    -silly; without sense or meaning; foolish

    ex: The conversation at the party was inane, consisting mainly of foolish comments about whose clothes were the most "awesome."
  27. Juxtapose
    -to put side by side; to place close together, especially in order to compare or contrast

    ex: Dottie spread her new dress out on her bed and then juxtaposed all her scarves and jackets to it to see which combination would look best.
  28. Lethargy
    -weariness; a great lack of energy; inactivity due to laziness; sluggishness

    ex: Although Wendy seemed to recover from the flu, her lethargy persisted. She felt exhausted for weeks.
  29. Sporadic
    -irregular; happening now and then; occasional

    ex: Dave makes sporadic attempts to give up smoking, but his occasional efforts have been half hearted.
  30. Subsidize
    -to pay for; to support financially; provide a grant or contribution.

    ex: During college many students are subsidized by their parents, while others rely on grants or loans.
  31. Chapter 4
    -to scold angerily; to criticize or scold harshly

    ex: Nick's mother often berates him and when she isn't yelling at him, she ignores him.
  32. Estrange
    -to drive away; to make unsympathic or unfriendly; alienate

    ex: My cousin's recent moodiness has estranged some of his old friends.
  33. Euphoric
    -very happy; overjoyed; having an intense feeling of well-being

    ex: I was euphoric when I received my grades, to my amazement and joy, they were all A's and B's.
  34. Impetuous
    -impulsive; done or acting in a hurry, with little thought

    ex: I'm trying to be less impetuous, but I still sometimes act on impulse.
  35. Infallible
    -perfect; not capable of error or failure; unable to make a mistake

    ex: A sign over my sister's desk reads, "I'm infallible. I never make mistakes."
  36. Maudlin
    -overly emotional; tearfully sentimental

    ex: The authors of maudlin soap operas must feel that they haven't done their job unless viewers are crying by the end of each show.
  37. Regress
    -to go backward; to return to an earlier, generally worse, condition or behavior.

    ex: When his baby sister was born, 7 year old Jeremy regressed for a while and began sucking his thumb again.
  38. Relinquish
    -to give up; to surrender (something)

    ex: Donna had to relinquish her share in the beach house because she couldn't afford it anymore.
  39. Ubiquitous
    -found everywhere; existing or seeming to exist everywhere at the same time.

    ex: We postponed our plan to drive home on Sunday because a dense fog was ubiquitous. It covered the entire town.
  40. Zenith
    -the highest point or conditionn; peak

    ex: Florence reached the zenith of her career when she became president of Ace Products.
  41. Chapter 5
    -to be unclear; deliberately vague in order to mislead.

    ex: Lonneel doesn't want to come right out and tell Tiffany he doesn't love her. If she asks, he equivocates by telling her something like, "You know how I feel."
  42. Fortuitous
    -accidental; happens by chance; at random, lucky

    ex: The birth of triplets wasn't entirely fortuitous. The mother had taken a fertility drug, which often causes multiple births.
  43. Impeccable
    -flawless; faultless, perfect

    ex: When she auditioned for the play. Julie gave an impeccable performance. She read the lines perfectly and got the part.
  44. Liaison
    -a link; a person who serves as a connection between individuels or group; a go between

    ex: The president of the student councel acts as a liaison between the students and the admin.
  45. Predisposed
    -likely; a natural preference or tendency

    ex: As a Brad Pitt fan, I'm predisposed to enjoy any movie stars in.
  46. Propensity
    -an inclination; tending toward or open to something before hand

    ex: Because Ivan has a propensity to gain weight, he watches what he eats.
  47. Reprehensible
    -shameful; derserving of blame, criticism, or disapproval

    ex: The company's failure to clean up the oil spill was reprehensible and drew harsh criticism.
  48. Sham
    -something false; a pretense or counterfeit; something meant to deceive

    ex: Karen's apparent affection for Raul is a sham. He's rich and she cares only about his money.
  49. Solace
    -relief; comfort in sorrow/misfortune; consolation

    ex: After a family quarrel. Tamara found solace in the privacy and quiet of her own room.
  50. Solicitous
    -attentive; showng/expressing concern, care or attention

    ex: The waiter was overly solicitous. He kept interrupting our conversation to ask, "Is everything all right here?"
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