Los verbos reflexivos

  1. acostarse [me acuesto]
    to go to bed
  2. afeitarse
    to shave
  3. banarse
    to take a bath
  4. capillarse los dientes
    to brush one's teeth
  5. despertarse [ me despierto]
    to wake up
  6. divertirse [ me divierto]
    to have a good time, enjoy oneself
  7. dormirse [ me duermo]
    to fall asleep
  8. ducharse
    to take a shower
  9. levantarse
    to get up [out of bed]; to stand up
  10. llamarse
    to be called
  11. peinarse
    to brush/ comb one's hair
  12. ponerse [me pongo]
    to put on [an article of clothing]
  13. quitarse
    to take off [an article of clothing]
  14. sentarase [me siento]
    to sit down
  15. vestirse [me visto]
    to get dressed
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Los verbos reflexivos
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