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  1. Record Selector
    The gray box to the left of each record in a datasheet
  2. Short Form
    A date/time format that displays data in a form similar to 6/24/09 or 10:12
  3. Single
    A field size that indicates a number with a decimal portion
  4. Size
    The number of characters or the type of number a field can store
  5. Sorting
    Placing records in a specified order
  6. Standard
    A field format that displays a number with a thousands separator, usually a comma
  7. Table
    A database object that stores related data organized into rows and columns
  8. Text Field
    A field that stores characters (letters, symbols, words, a combo of letters and numbers) and numbers that do not require calculations
  9. Type
    Field classification based on the data stored
  10. Updating
    Modifying a record
  11. Yes/No Field
    A field that is either selected or not selected to represent yes/no, true/false, or on/off
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Alexa Rodriguez CCTA
Chapter 9: Record Selector- Yes/No Field