1. What is democracy?
    A form of government in which the supreme power is held by the people who excercise it directly or through representatives that they elect in free elections.
  2. What are the features of a democratic country?
    a. Free elections are held to elect the rulers of the country.

    b. Citizens have rights - right to vote, freedom of speech.

    c. Electors have a choice in representatives who offer different ideas/views.

    d. A constitution and/or laws by which the country is governed . (Limits)
  3. What is the New South Wales Corp?
    - New South Wales Corp a.k.a. Rum Corp

    - It was formed in England in 1789 as permanent regiment to relieve the marines who had accompanied the First Fleet.

    - The regiment began arriving as guards on the Second Fleet in 1799.

    - Major Grose took command of the Corp in 1792

    - Their main job was to guard the convicts

    - Due to the unpopularity of Australia, the Corp were composed of officer on half pay, troublemakers, soldiers paroled from military prisons and those who wanted to make a life for themselves in the new colony
  4. What are the factors needed to develop a currency?
    - Value - accepted

    - Rare - unique - can’t be something that is everywhere

    - Durable

    - Portable

    - Divisible
  5. Who was governor from 1789-1792?
    Governor Arthur Phillip
  6. Who was governor from 1792-1794?
  7. Acting Governor Francis Grose
  8. Who was governor from 1994-1995?
  9. Acting Governor William Paterson
  10. Who was governor from 1795-1800?
  11. Governor John Hunter
  12. Who was governor from 1800-1806?
  13. Governor Philip King
  14. Who was governor from 1806-1808?
  15. Governor William Bligh
  16. Castlehill Rebellion

    The convicts who worked at the Castle Hill government farm. Two hundred convicts gathered together, set fire to buildings and searched for weapons. They took swords, rifles, bayonets and pitchforks. Then they dragged the government flogger from under a bed and flogged him.
  17. When?
  18. Sunday 4th March 1804
  19. Where?
  20. Castle Hill government farm, near Parramatta
  21. Why?
  22. They hated the hard work they were forced to do, the brutal floggings they suffered and the way their overseers treated them.
  23. Definition: Nation
  24. A nation a large groupof people of common descent, history and culture.
  25. Immigration
  26. The moving of people from one country to another where they settle permanently.
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