dental materials terminology 2

  1. Primary Impression
    First reproduction of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.
  2. Preliminary Impression
    First negative reproduction for preparation of customized tray.
  3. Palatal Vault
    Dome-like roof of the mouth.
  4. Colloid
    A translucent, gelatinous substance used for Dental impressions.
  5. Irreversible Colloid
    Unable to return to original state.
  6. Reversible Colloid
    A final impression material, gel-like when heated, returning to a semi-solid when cooled.
  7. Alginate
    Primary impression material, from salts of alginic acid, irreversible.
  8. Model
    Positive reproduction of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, usually of stone or plaster.
  9. Tuberosity
    Projection of bone that serves a purpose.
  10. Modification
    A change or alteration for better fit, adjustment.
  11. Evaluate
    To rate or judge for accuracy.
  12. Opposing Arch
    The teeth or jaw that occludes with the jaw being prepared.
  13. Evacuation
    To remove by suction; Oral fluids, aspiration.
  14. Acrylic Resin
    A transparent thermosetting plastic made with acrylic acid.
  15. Curing
    The setting of certain materials to a permanent state.
  16. Silicone
    A rubber base material that is less tacky used for final impressions.
  17. Polysulfide
    A rubber base material, a pungent order, used for final impressions.
  18. Adhesive
    A luting agent to hold two materials together.
  19. Double Mix
    In Dentistry the use of two consistencies.
  20. Vibrate
    In Dentistry, to shake or quiver to remove air bubbles from plaster or stone.
  21. Gypsum
    Plaster of Paris.
  22. Reproduction
    A copy, likeness.
  23. Base
    The principal substance of a mixture.
  24. Catalyst
    Substance (enzyme) that begins a chemical reaction.
  25. Distort
    To twist, bend or shrink out of shape.
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