Lesson 19 Vocabulary

  1. adjunct
    something joined or added to a thing but not necessarily a part of it
  2. anomalous
    out of place, abnormal
  3. belligerent
    waging war; inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness
  4. censure
    to blame or to condemn
  5. compliance
    a yielding; acquiescence
  6. defile
    to make dirty, to desecrate, to pollute
  7. diligent
    characterized by steady, attentive and energetic effort in a pursuit or study
  8. expedient
    appropriate for a purpose but not necessarily moral, right, or just
  9. flout
    to treat with contemt
  10. galling
    very irritating
  11. heralded
    announced or publicized
  12. incantation
    a spell, written or recited formula of word designed for a particular effect
  13. indigenous
    native to a certain area
  14. luscious
    very pleasent to the taste
  15. nomadic
    characterized by moving about from place to place as nomads
  16. parry
    to defleat or to ward off a blow
  17. precipitate
    to cause to speedily occur
  18. pungent
    sharp or irritating to the taste or smell, acrid
  19. ratify
    to give formal approval
  20. sagacious
    wise, shrewd, very discerning
  21. slovenly
    messy, intidy, careless
  22. spiteful
    full of spite or malicious
  23. tangential
    slightly connected, divergent
  24. taper
    to decrease in thickness or width
  25. vagrant
    a wanderer who does not have a home
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