Los verbos ch4

  1. almorzar
    o -> ue
    to have lunch
  2. cerrar
    e -> ie
    to close
  3. descansar
    to rest
  4. dormir [duermo]
    dormir la siesta
    • to sleep
    • to take a nap
  5. empezar [empiezo]
    empezar a + inf.
    • to begin, start
    • to begin to [do something]
  6. entender [entiendo]
    to understand
  7. hacer
    to do; to make
  8. jugar [juego] [a, al]
    to play
  9. oir [oigo, oyes]
    to hear; to listen to
  10. pedir [pido]
    to ask for; to order
  11. pensar [pienso] [en]
    pensar + inf.
    • to think [about]
    • to intend; plan to
  12. perder [pierdo]
    to lose; to miss [an event]
  13. poner [pongo]
    to put; to place; to turn on [an appliance]
  14. salir [ salgo]
    • to leave [a place]; to go out
    • [with]; to leave [for] [a place]
  15. salir bien/mal
    to turn/come out well/ badly; to do well/poorly
  16. servir [sirvo]
    to serve
  17. traer [traigo]
    to bring
  18. ver [veo]
    to see
  19. volver [vuelvo]
    volver a + inf.
    • to return [to a place]
    • to [do something] again
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