HST105 Quiz1

  1. 1. In the period prior to the birth of Mohammad, the area of Arabia was of primary international importance for:
    a) camel breeding
    b) Scientific thought
    c) trade routes
    d) Philosophy
    e) Hi-quality carbon steel
  2. 2. Mohammad received his first "calling" that he was to be the prophet of allah from:

  3. 3. To deal with thrreats against his life for his preaching, Mohammad fled FROM his birthplace in ____to___ seeking refuge.
    a) Jeddah to Taif
    b) Sanna to Najran
    c) Medina to Jeddah
    d) Medina to Mecca
    e) Mecca to Medina
  4. 4. Muhammad created a commonwealth of all Muslim followers called the ___.
    a. Jizya
    b. Umma
    c. Ka'aba
    d. Hallal
    e. Hajre Aswad
  5. 5. The immediate successors of Muhammad in leadership of the followers of Islam were collectively known as the ___ Caliphs.
    a. Rahidun
    b. Ummayad
    c. Ottoman
    d. Sultanic
    e. Abbasid
  6. Islam was divided shortly after it's creation over the question of ___.
    a. The divinity of Muhammad
    b. Weather Islam was to be a theocracy
    c. Weather Islam was to be monotheistic or accept the position of earlier pagan beliefs
    d. Who was to succeed Muhammad as leader
    e. Whether Muhammad was the final prophet or there could be others
  7. 7. Al-Aldalus was the name for the Islamic sultanate established in ___.
    a. Iraq
    b. Spain
    c. Turkey
    d. India
    e. Italy
  8. 8. The___ Dynasty is viewed as the 'Golden Age' of Chinees culture.
    a. Han
    b. Song
    c. Ming
    d. Tang
    e. Sui
  9. 9. During the Tang Dynasty the city of ___ Contained more thatn 1 million people within it's walls,
    making it one of teh largest [if not 'the' largest] city in the world.
    a. Beijing
    b. Chungking
    c. Ningpo
    d. Canton
    e. Chang'an
  10. 10. The Song Dynasty was distinguished for a number of advances, achievements and 'firsts',
    including all of the following EXCEPT
    a. Paper Money
    b. Permanent Standing Navy
    c. Conquest of Japan
    d. First known use of military gunpowder
    e.True North compass
  11. 11. In the period marking the end of the BCE and the beginning of CE, China was impacted by the introduction and success of what foreign religion.
    a. Islam
    b. Christianity
    c. Taoisum
    d. Shito
    e. Buddhism
  12. 12. Minimoto No Yoritomo gained fame for his stature as the first___ of Japan.
    a. Bakufu
    b. Samurai
    c. Kanji
    d. Kamakura
    e. Shogun
  13. 13. In Indian history the indigenous [first]___ people were driven to the south part of the sub-continent by the invading/ migrating Aryan peoples.
    a. Vedic
    b. Dravidian
    c. Magadha
    d. Tibetan
    e. Sanskrit
  14. 14.___was born in India and his teacings created the foundations of a major new faith.
    a. Zarathustra
    b. Lao Tze
    c. Mani
    d. Siddhartha Gautama
    e. Mencius
  15. 15. The 'Golden Age' in Indian history and culture is represented by the ___ Empire.
    a. Mauryan
    b. Ramayana
    c. Sunga
    d. Gupta
    e. Huna
  16. 16. Inda was raided from and it's integrity damaged by Muhmud of Ghazni, the Islamic Sultan of [what would today be]___.
    a. Afghanistan
    b. Iran
    c. Tibet
    d. Gagladesh
    e. Iraq
  17. 17. 5 short-lived Islamic Sultanates that ruled Northern India for more than 300 years maintained its capital at ___, giving the Sultanate its name.
    a. Bombay
    b. Dehli
    c. Khambat
    d. Ayodhya
    e. Malaka
  18. 18. The history of india was changed forever by the discovery of an all-sea route from Asia to Europ by___.
    a. England
    b. Spain
    c. Portugal
    d. Holland
    e. France
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