Biology Review

  1. How do we know eukaryotes originated from prokaryotes?
    Reproduce by binary fission, DNA, and have their own ribosomes.
  2. What is relative dating?
    Determining the age of the fossil based on its placement with that of oher layers of rock. (Higher=younger;Lower=older)
  3. What is an index fossil?
    A fossil that will be found in only a few layers of rock and will be found in different geographic locations.
  4. What is a half-life?
    The length of time required for half of the radioactive atoms in a sample to decay.
  5. If a half-life is 200 years, how old would it be after 3 years?
    600 years old.
  6. What was the period of the rise of the mammals?
  7. When was the end of the cretaceous period?
    65 million years ago.
  8. How old is the universe?
    15 billion years
  9. How old is the earth?
    4.5 billion years.
  10. Other than the divine creation theory, what is another?
    Spotaneous Origin
  11. What evidece do scientists use that life had an extraterrestrial origin?
    Meteorites because they contained 2% carbon
  12. Who developed the primordail soup model?
  13. Name five gases in atmosphere?
    Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Water Vapor, Ammonia, and Methane
  14. Who mixed the gases as an experiment?
    Stanley Miller
  15. What were the three products Miller found?
    Amino Acids (AA), Fatty Acids (FA), and Hydrocarbons (HC)
  16. What was the main flaw in the primordial soup model?
    There was no oxygen, hence no ozone layer.
  17. Who developed the bubble theory that allowed them to form?
    UV rays did not get to them water absorbed them.
  18. Where did bubbles come from?
    Wind, wave action, the impact of raindrops, and the eruption of volcanoes.
  19. Why do microspheres form in primordial ocean?
    Polar & non-polar do not mix so microspheres curl up.
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