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  1. The high class model walked into the room in a haughty manner with too much pride.

    Synonym: conceited
    Antonym: humble
    • haughty
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  2. He was trying to evade the ignominy of being singled out from the rest of the wealthy group.

    Synonym: mortification
    Antonym: pride
    • ignominy
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  3. Everyday, he glanced at the edifice across from his apartment building.

    Synonym: building
    Antonym: NONE
    • edifice
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  4. From looking at his countenance, it was always easy to catch him in his lies.

    Synonym: aspect
    Antonym: NONE
    • countenance
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  5. His visage was showered in dog slobber after his dog licked him with excitement.

    Synonym: face
    Antonym: NONE
    • visage
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