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  1. What are the 2 therapeutic uses for Clondine?
    • Hypertension
    • Severe pain
  2. Pharmacological effects of Clonidine?
    Bradycardia/ decrease CO

    Minimal orthostatic hypertension
  3. What are the main adverse effects of Clonidine?
    • *Severe Rebound Hypertension
    • -Drowsiness
    • -Xerostomia

    Others: constipation, impotence, gynecomastia, CNS effects
  4. Is Clonidine ok to use in pregnancy?
  5. If someone was wanting to stop taking Clonidine, what would you teach them?
    Withdraw slowly over 2-4 days to prevent rebound hypertension
  6. How would you teach someone to administer Clonidine?
    Transdermal patch applied every 7 days applied to hairless upper arm or torso
  7. What is the mechanism of action of Methyldopa?
    Lowers BP by working within CNS
  8. What are the pharmacological effects of Methyldopa?
    Vasodilation (not cardio suppression)

    Lowers BP in supine and standing subjects
  9. Therapeutic use of Methyldopa?
  10. Adverse effects of Methyldopa?
    -Positive Coombs' test & hemolytic anemia

  11. What are the 2 pharmacological effects for Resperine?
    -Peripheral Effects (slows HR & reduces CO)

    -CNS Effects (sedation)
  12. Therapeutic uses of Resperine?
    Hypertension & Psychotic state (not preferred)
  13. Adverse Effects of Resperine?
    • -Depression
    • -Bradycardia, orthostatic hypotension, nasal congestion
    • -GI involvement
    • -Edema
  14. What is Prazosin used for?
    • -Relaxes bladder sphincter
    • -BPH
  15. Adverse effects of Prazosin?
    • -No (very little) singular use for BP
    • -1st dose phenomena
    • -Nasal Congestion
  16. What are the 3 uses of Dopamine?
    -Shock (increases cardiac output and renal perfusion)

    -Heart Failure (increases myocardial contractility)

    -Acute renal failure (preserves renal function)
  17. Adverse effects of Dopamine?
    -Tachycardia, dyrhythmias, anginal pain

    -Necrosis with extravasation
  18. Drug interactions of Dopamine?
    • MAOI
    • TCA
    • Diuretics
  19. How must Dopamine be administered?
    Must be diluted and given by IV
  20. What are the therapeutic uses of Norepinephrine?
    • Hypotensive emergency
    • Cardiac Arrest
  21. What is a side effect that epinephrine causes but norepinephrine does not?
  22. What is the drug of choice for anaphylactic shock?
  23. Therapeutic uses of epinephrine?
    • -anaphylactic shock
    • -delays absorption of local anesthetic
    • -control superficial bleeding
    • -elevate blood pressure
    • -bronchial dilation (asthma)
    • -overcome AV block
    • -restore function in cardiac arrest
  24. Adverse effects of epinephrine?
    • -hypertensive crisis
    • -dysrhythmias
    • -angina pectoris
    • -hyperglycemia
    • -necrosis upon extravasation
  25. Drug interactions with Epinephrine?
    • MAOIs
    • TCAs
    • General Anesthetics
    • Alpha & Beta adrenergic blocking agents
  26. Contraindications of Propanolol?
    • Severe Allergy
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiac, respiratory, psychiatric disorders
  27. Drug interactions of Propanolol?
    • Calcium channel blockers
    • Insulin
  28. Pharmacologic effect of Atropin?
    Increases HR
  29. Therapeutic uses of Atropine?
    • Bradycardia
    • -eye pressure disorder
  30. Adverse effect of of Atropine?
    Anticholinergic effects
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