North and South Korea review

  1. What happened to South Korea after the Korean war?
    After the Korean war, many North Korean refugees went to South Korea seeking work and homes.
  2. Where to North Koreans farm? What are some downsides to being a farmer in North Korea?
    North Koreans farm on the West coast.

    Some downsides to being a farmer in North Korea are:

    • -Only 14% of the land is good for farming
    • -Most farming land is government-owned
    • -North Korea is somewhat mountaionous on the Northeast side.
    • - Many farmers do not solely own a farm
  3. What are North and South Korea's economy kinds? How are they different?
    North Korea sports a Command economy where the government owns most of the companies. South Korea has taken on a market economy (with a bit of command) where is is very industrial, and many people have their own companies.
  4. Why is it good that there are a lot of entrepaneurs in South Korea?
    Because there are a great deal of entrepaneurs in South Korea, there are many successful family businesses
  5. What things did Koreans have before the 1600s?
    Before 1600, Koreans had archetecture, ceramics, painting, the first movable metal typers, and Hangul (a 24-character written language)
  6. What was the long-lasting effect the Korean war had on the Korean peninsula?
    The long lasting effect was that North Korea and South Korea got divided, forming a borderline called the DMC which is one of the most heavily guarded boarders in the world!
  7. How has the Korean peninsula been influenced by other countries?
    • Japan brought...
    • Some Japanese names, and the knowledge of Japanese.

    China brought: Confusianism and Buddhism

    The Solviet Union brought: Communism

    The US brought: Democracy
  8. What are three things that might keep the Koreas seperated?
    • -The DMC boarder
    • -The fact that N. Korea is communist and S. Korea is democratic.
    • -The fact that North Korea is STRICT
  9. Name some similarities and differences between North and South Korea.
    • Similarities:
    • They Farm, It's densly populated, and they make steel


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