Initial pap

  1. Initial Pap screening should begin after a female is sexually active for
    3 yrs
  2. but no later than when the patient turns
    21 years old
  3. A regular pap test should be done once a/an
  4. While the
  5. Test can be done every
    2 years
  6. At 30 years old, if the woman has had
    3 normal tests in a row
  7. she may get sreened every
    2 to 3 yrs unless she has risk factors
  8. Women over 30 may elect to have screening every
    3 yrs if they also have the HPV,DNA test.
  9. If 70 or older, women who have had
    3 pap tests in a row
  10. and no findings in
    10 yrs and do not have any risk factors may stop pap screenings
  11. Women with total
  12. may stop screenings unless the surgery was done to treat
  13. Gynecological instruments, in addition to the speculum, are used for
    examinations and procedures. The
    Uterin sound
  14. The _______ scrapes the linig for a specimen. A small piece of tissue
    may be removed with the _____________.
    Curets, Biopsy forceps
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Initial pap
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