GCSE chemistry

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  1. what does the mass number tell you
    the total number or protons and neutrons
  2. what does the atomic number tell us
    • how many protons there are
    • atoms of the same element all have the same number of protons , so atoms of different elements will have different numbers of protons
  3. how do we find out the number of neutrons
    we just subtract the atomic number from the mass number . electrons arent counted in the mass number because thier relative mass is very small
  4. how do we find out the number of electrons in an atom
    this is equal to the number of protons
  5. Image Upload 1how many protons , nuetrons and electrons does this structure have , what is the electonic structure , and what group is this element in and why
    • protons = 11
    • nuetrons = 23-11 = 12
    • electrons = 11
    • electronic structure = 2 , 8 , 1
    • group 1 because it has 1 electron in its outer most shell
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