Magnets Test

  1. galvanometer
    device used to measure small currents in an electric current
  2. electric motor
    device that uses an electric current to turn an axle
  3. commutator
    device that reverses the flow of current through an electric motor
  4. brushes
    a source of an electric current by two contact points
  5. armature
    the wires and the iron core together
  6. electric generator
    device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
  7. alternating current (A.C)
    current that reverses direction
  8. direct current (D.C)
    current that moves in only one direction
  9. slip rings
    attached to the ends of the wire loop
  10. turbine
    circular device made up of many blades
  11. non-renewable resources
    a resource that exists in a fixed amount
  12. renewable resource
    a resource that can be replaced in nature
  13. magnetism
    the attraction of a magnet to another object
  14. magnetic poles
    the two ends of a magnet
  15. magnetic fields
    the region of magnetic force around a magnet
  16. magnetic field lines
    map of the magnetic fields around a magnet
  17. magnetic domain
    a cluster of billions of atoms that all have magnetic fields that are lined up
  18. ferromagnetic material
    a material that shows strong magnetic affects
  19. permanent magnet
    magnet made of a material that keeps its magnetism
  20. electromagnet
    a solenoid with a ferromagnetic core
  21. static electricity
    the build up of charges on an object
  22. conduction
    electrons are transfered from a charged object to another object by direct object
  23. induction
    chrages are moved to one part of an object as a result of an electric field
  24. conservation of charge
    charges are not created or disturbed
  25. static discharge
    the loss of static electricity as electric charges move off the object
  26. electroscope
    has two thin metal leaves and detects electric current
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