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  1. what's speed?
    amount of distance covered in certain amount of time.
  2. what's the equation for speed?
  3. what's the equation for acceleration?
  4. what's the equation for force?
    mass x acceleration
  5. what's mass?
    it's amount of stuff that an object has.
  6. what's weight?
    it's the amount of force pulling you down.
  7. what's the equation for workdone?
    force x distance
  8. what are the units for energy?
  9. what's eqaution for gravitational potential energy?
    mass x gravity x height
  10. what's power?
    it's how quickly it can convert energy. it tells us how quickly energy can be transferred.
  11. what's the equation for power?
  12. what are the units for power?
  13. what's the equation of momentum?
    mass x velocity
  14. what's charge?
    charge is number of electrons in a circuit.
  15. what's current?
    it's number of electrons passing through a point per second.
  16. what's background radiation?
    it's a radiation emitted by certain resources
  17. what are the different types of background radiation?
    radon gas, cosmic rays, medical x-rays, food, nuclear industry, rocks and building materials.
  18. what is nuclear fission?
    it's splitting big nuclei into 2 or more smaller nuclei.
  19. what are the 2 sources used in fission?
    Uranium and Plutonium
  20. what is nuclear fusion?
    it's joining of 2 small nuclei into 1 bigger.
  21. what is the breaking distance?
    it's thinking distance and braking distance added together
  22. what are the things that can effect braking distance?
    • road conditions e.g. surface
    • worn tyres
    • brake quality
    • weather i.e. rain, ice and snow
    • mass of the car
  23. what are the things that effect thinking distance?
    • tiredness
    • alcohol and drugs
    • old age
    • distractions e.g. mobile, radio etc.
  24. what are the units for force?
  25. what are the units for current?
  26. what are the units for charge?
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