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  1. what is equation for speed?
    the equation for speed is distance divided by time
  2. what is the equatin for distance?
    the equation for distanse is speed x time
  3. what is the equation for time?
    the equation for time is distance divided by speed.
  4. what is the equation for accelaration?
    speed divided by time
  5. what is the equation for force?
    mass x accelaration
  6. if the force = 500(n) and accelartion =25m/s squared what does the mass equal?
    500 x 25=20(kg)
  7. what is it called when a car is not moving at all?
  8. what is it called when the car is getting faster?
  9. what is the car doing when it is slowing down give the scientific term?
  10. what is the equation for workdone?
    force x distance
  11. what does the sighn Image Upload 1 stand for?
  12. name 3 things that affect thinking distance?
    • 1) playing on the phone
    • 2) drinking
    • 3)tirdness
  13. name one thing that affects braking distance?
  14. what is kinetic energy?
    kinetic energy is the scientific name for movement energy. it can be transformed into other forms of energy such as heat and sound this happ[ens when a car brakes. the kinetic energy is changed into sometimes hight and sometimes sound foe example kinetic energy in a car could be transfeered as heat to the tyres and sound to the brakes
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