Physics flash cards Kieran O'Malley

  1. What is speed?
    How fast something is going
  2. Speed =
    Distance over time
  3. momentum =
    mass x speed
  4. Charge =
    current x time
  5. Current =
    The number of electrons travelling along a wire
  6. What is mass?
    How many atoms are inside an object
  7. What is weight?
    The amount of force pulling something down
  8. Weight =
    Mass x gravitational acceleration
  9. Stopping distance =
    Thinking distance + breaking distance
  10. What factors affecting stopping distance?
    Poorly maintained vehicles
  11. Termional velocity =
    When forces on an object are balanced
  12. Why is lighting dangerous?
    Electrical impulses can pass through the human body and can kill you
  13. What do fuses protect?
    People and machinery
  14. What do fuses protect people from?
    Power surges
  15. Why are plugs made of plastic?
    Plastic is an insulator, therefore electricity cannot pass through it
  16. Purpose of a diode?
    Allows the current to flow in one direction
  17. What is an isotope
    Same protons, different neutrons
  18. What causes background radiation?
    Animals, rocks, plants and soil
  19. What are alpha particles made of?
    2 protons, 2 neutrons, and helium
  20. What are beta particles made of?
    High speed electrons
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