Lesson Eight Vocab

  1. pander
    def: to exploit weaknesses of others; to cater to the vices of other

    syn: cajole; indulge
  2. otiose
    def: useless; futile

    syn: unimportant; worthless
  3. puerile
    def: childish; juvenile

    syn: immature; infantile
  4. aleatory
    def: dependent on luck or chance
  5. asperity
    def: roughness or harshness; severity

    syn: acerbity; irascibility
  6. renunciation
    def: rejection; refusal to acknowledge

    syn: denial; refusal
  7. unimpeachable
    def: unquestionable; beyond doubt

    syn: trustworthy; infallible
  8. inveigh
    def: to disapprove angrily; to protest

    syn: berate; condemn; remonstrate
  9. lionize
    def: to assign great social importance to; to treat as a celebrity

    syn: acclaim; exalt; honor
  10. allay
    def: to relieve; to alleviate

    syn: calm; ease; pacify
  11. vitiate
    def: to corrupt morally; to contaminate

    syn: defile; devalue; spoil
  12. recalcitrant
    def: stubbornly resistant; showing opposition

    syn: defiant; insubordinate; unwilling
  13. exegesis
    def: an explanation of a text; a critical interpretation

    syn: analysis; exposition; commentary
  14. ameliorate
    def: to make better; to improve

    syn: enhance; upgrade
  15. profligate
    def: wasteful and immoral

    syn: licentious; decadent
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