Vocab 3 22

  1. Acrid (adj)
    irritating to the eyes and nose; extremely sharp or bitter
  2. erudite (adj)
    characterized by great knowledge
  3. mitigate (adj)
    to lessen in force or intensity
  4. Prosaic (adj)
    dull and boring
  5. Scrupulous (adj)
    careful; exact; showing a regard of what one considers right
  6. debunk (verb)
    to expose as being false
  7. incisive (adj)
    cutting; remarkably clear and direct
  8. pathos (noun)
    A quality that evokes sadness or pity
  9. recalcitrant (adj)
    resisting authority or control; not obedient
  10. Upbraid (verb)
    to find fault with; severely dislike
  11. Egalitarian (adj)
    characterized by equality by all people
  12. irrefutable (adj)
    cannot be disproved
  13. Prolific (adj)
    Having a large amount; producing large quantities
  14. Sardonic (adj)
    Mocking; cynical
  15. trite (adj)
    Overused and of little import
  16. exacting (adj)
    rigid in demands or requirements
  17. Prattle (verb)
    to talk in a simple-minded way
  18. Quell (verb)
    To suppress; to put an end to
  19. Surfeit (noun)
    excess; an excessive amount
  20. variegated (adj)
    varied in appearance or color; diverse
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