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  1. Amaurosis Fugax is a systom that involves a patient'

    usually blindness in one eye. happens with TIA, Stroke
  2. Cilia are
    • Hairlike structures that move. They line the bronchial tubes
    • and trachea and beats rhythmically to move mucus out of the lung and clean it
  3. Diaphgarmatic surface of the LV is called
    Inferior Wall
  4. End diastolic filling or stretching of the ventrile is termed
  5. Where is the SA Node
    within the Crista Terminalis
  6. a pt in acute pulmonary edema should ideally be placed in what position
    Fowlers=semi upright sitting position (450-600) & may have knees bent or straight
  7. predisposiing factors for MI arej
    • Hyperglycemia
    • Hypertension
    • Hyperlipidemia
  8. pt acquires an infection in the hospital is called
    nosocomial infection
  9. clinical manifestations of shock are
    pallor, metabolic acidosis, falling blood pressure
  10. infiltration of fluids or blood around an arterial or IV access site is termed
  11. primary benefical effect of diuretic therapy in the treatment of CHF is too
    decreased preload
  12. what is it called when a CHF pt. must sit up to get their breath
  13. ACS=initial medication therapy
    • MONA
    • Morphine 4th
    • Oxygen 1st
    • Nitro 3rd
    • ASA 2nd
  14. 12 lead area of complications:
    1.heart failure-the largest artery and area of heart
    2.Bradycardia and heart block from SA & AV nodes
    3. small 1st time, myocardial rupture, LV free wall
    • 1. Anterior MI - V1-V4
    • 2. Inferior MI - II, III, aVF
    • 3. lateral MI- V5-V6
  15. Normal ABG's
    • pH- 7.40 (7.35-7.45)
    • PC02 -respiratory 40 (35-45mmHg)
    • HC02 - Bicarbarb 24 (22-26 mEq/L)
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