lord byron

  1. george gordon?
    aka lord byron
  2. where did he inherit lord byron from?
    his uncle
  3. what did his uncle leave him?
    newstead abbey
  4. what was he born with?
    • club foot
    • *mom made fun of him for it
  5. why did he have a bad attitude towards women?
    his mom made fun of him for his club foot
  6. what what different about his subject matter?
    • it was more romantic
    • used byronic hero in epic poems
  7. Child Harold's Pilgrimage ?
    poem that made him famous overnight
  8. what was different about the heros in his poems?
    • they were not always perfect
    • had flaws
  9. in what manner does he write?
    • satirically
    • did not go against neoclassics *made him unique
  10. some of his unusual quirks?
    • ate saurkraut and mashed potatoes at special banquet
    • was never in room when women ate
    • kept a loaded gun under his bed
  11. who did he marry?
    • Anna Bellamillabanke
    • *she came from a wealthy family
  12. who did he have an affair with?
    • augusta leigh
    • **she is his half sister
    • though incest was best
  13. what happened when society found out about his affair with leigh?
    • nobody liked byron anymore
    • he left country at 28 yrs old and never comes back
  14. who did he spend time with in italy?
    shelley and keats
  15. where did he go when he traveled the world?
    exotic places like greece, molca
  16. what did he do in greece?
    • helped greeks fight for independence against turks
    • *contracted a fever and died from illness
  17. where is he considered a national hero?
    in greece
  18. where is his heart buried?
  19. written by byron?
    • she walks in beauty
    • when we two parted
    • childe harold's pilgrimage
  20. she walks in beauty?
    • written about Lady Jane Wilmont (his cousin in law)
    • *he respected her, talks very nicely about her, appreciates her beauty and how she carries herself
  21. when we two parted?
    • about augusta leigh (half sister)
    • describes how sad he was to break up with her because of the situation
  22. ode?
    an exalted, complex lyric that develops a dignified theme
  23. childe harold's pilgrimage?
    • apostrophe poem
    • addresses the ocean
    • **made him an overnight success
  24. apostrophe?
    a figure of speech in which an object, abstract quality, or imaginary person is addressed directly
  25. "I love not Man the less, but nature more"
    • take the time to see the world around you
    • be alone and uninterrupted to see and hear whats around you
  26. Trafalgar?
    huge wins in history
  27. meaning of childe harold's pilgrimage?
    • the wars and win are over, but the ocean is still standing
    • people have no chance against the ocean
    • *ocean is most powerful, strongest
    • everyone obeys the ocean
  28. what should people show to the ocean?
    respect and realize its power and majesty
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