1. Rapid thought is a factor in why we don't listen better because we can understand speech faster than the other person speaks
  2. A counterfeit tag question is one where the asker is looking for agreement not information
  3. All of the following are ineffective listening styles mentioned in the text except
    E. Signal listening
  4. The process of using questioning and paraphrasing messages is a type of
    E Perception checking
  5. Giving only the appearance of being attentive is termed
  6. Advantage of paraphrasing to help is that
    A you can help the problem-holder to sort out the problem
  7. Constructive Criticism is kind of listening response that falls into a category termed
  8. Immediacy only occurs through nonverbal behavior such as eye contact and facial expressions
  9. Metacommunication
    Communication about communication
  10. All appropraite self-disclosure leads to liking
  11. The two key ingrediants in successful self disclosure are reciprocity and timing
  12. It is possible for a business partnership to move to a bonding stage
  13. All relationships begin,progress, decline, and end in the same linear fashion based on Knapp's developmental stages
  14. Relational dimensions of messages make statements about how the parties feel toward one another
  15. While of the following does not typically occur in the intesifying state of interpersonal relationships?
    B. The parties begin to take on an identity as a social unit
  16. Social exchange theory suggests we seek people who
    rewards greater than or equal to the costs we encounter in dealing with them
  17. Molly makes an excuse not to attend a party she knowns Jack is invited to. She's most likely in which stage with Jack?
    B Avoiding
  18. 5 phases of coming together
    Initiating, experimenting, intensifying, intergrating, bonding
  19. 5 phases of coming apart
    Differentiating, circumscribing, stagnbating, avoiding, terminating
  20. Revealing level of self-disclosure usually involves talk about feelings
  21. Some studies show that relational intimacy may develop more quickly through computer-mediated communication than face-to-face.
  22. "Talking a problem out" can be helpful in clarifying your beliefs, opinions, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings.
  23. Reciprocity usually occurs on a turn-by-turn basis
  24. Focusing on having intimate communication daily will lead to extremely satisfying relationships
  25. Johari Window is an important device to help explore the role
    self-disclosure play in communication
  26. According to Altman and Taylor model, the dimentsion of self-disclosure where info shared moves from being impersonal to more personal is called
    C. Depth
  27. Guidelines to self-disclosure
    • -Moral obligation
    • -other person imporant
    • -risk reasonable
    • -relevant
    • -effect be constructive
    • -clear and understandable -- reciprocated
  28. Accurate feelings statement
    I feel angry when you laugh at me
  29. disconfirming messages except
    D)using a problem-oriented approach
  30. All following are behavorial descriptions except
    C. Your behavior shows me you are angry
  31. Interpretation
    B. Sue only cares about herself
  32. Txt suggests that you may react non-defensively to criticism by
    B. guessing about the specifics of a critic's remarks
  33. Instructor poor writing how wrong it is for you not to work on it. Gibb category
    B. Evaluation
  34. Julie calls Steph invites. Steph doesnt return call. Julie interpret
    A. Impervious
  35. Non-defensive response to criticism recommended by txt except
    D. Accepting the speakers comments even if you disagree
  36. "Thats the way the cookie crumbles" Gibb
  37. Key to win-win approach to conflict resolution is to look for single best solution at the beginning
  38. When people express hostility in obscure ways "passive agressive"
  39. High context collectivist countries, avoidance and accomadation
  40. Collaboration is considered the single "best" way to resolve
  41. A win win collaborative approach
  42. In a symetrical conflict style the partners use different but mutually reinforcing behaviors
  43. Ownership of problem belongs to
    A Person who brings it up
  44. All are true about conflict except
    D. People typically have similar conflict styles
  45. One of the best methods use to describe your problems and needs to a partner during conflict resolution is
    C. The clear message format
  46. Conflict rituals
    D. Become problems when they are seen as the only way to resolve problems
  47. Leah and Rachel have never gotten along. Rachel- avoid. Conflict style?
    B. Nonintimate-nonaggressive
  48. Sue wanted Move but ended up with friends at bar conflict style?
    E. Accomodating
  49. Distinguishing characteristic in win-lose problem solving is
    B. Power
  50. Avoiding is sometimes an appropriate style to choose when
    E. all above
  51. Complementary conflict style
    Conflict- wife complains husband withdraws
  52. Symetrical conflict styles
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