latin america

  1. geographical boundaries of south america?
    panama to tierra del fuego
  2. geographic boundaries of central america?
    guatemala and belize to columbia (not mexico)
  3. geographic boundaries of middle america?
    central america to mexico and carribean
  4. how did this region come to be termed latin amerca?
    latin deriviatives from spanish and portuguese
  5. the largest river system by volume and ara is located where?
    the amazon basin
  6. amazon basin?
    largest upland plateau along atlantic, brazilian shield
  7. tell me about the andes mountains?
    relatively young, created by collision of oceanic and continental plates, active volacnoes and earthquakes because it is still forming
  8. the treeless plain between two ranges of the andes?
  9. two lakes of antiplane?
    titicaca and poopo
  10. the valley of mexico?
    fertile areas, large cities, southern end of mexican plateau
  11. volcanic axis of central america?
    rolling green hills, lakes and volcanic peaks, 40 volcanoes, rich volcanic soil, most of population is located here,
  12. altitudal zonation
    relationship between atitude, temp, and vegetation
  13. 3 River Basins of south america?
    orinoco basin, amazon basin, plata basin
  14. panama isthmus/canal formation and use?
    formed 4 million years ago through tectonic activity, cuts ocean distance from NY to CA in half
  15. where are there dense interior du to pre colonion populations?
    mexico and central america
  16. el nino?
    warm currents hit cold coastal waters around christmas every few years
  17. where is there dense coasts with inaccesible rainforests?
    south america
  18. rural to urban migration?
    internal migrants flow from rural areas to cities starting in 50s and intensifying in 60s and 70s to find jobs and schools
  19. when there is a primate city that is 3 or 4 times larger that other cities in the country is it called?
    urban premacy
  20. latin american urban primate cities:
    lima, peru; caracas, venezuela; guatemala city, guatemala; santiage, chile; buenos aires, argentina; mexico city, mexico
  21. environmental problems in mexico city include..
    poor air quality, soil sinkage, overdrawing land water, (since city sits in a bowl) trapped exhaust, smoke, garbage, and fecal matter in air, contaminated water
  22. most populated countries in latin america?
    brazil, mexico, columbia, argentina
  23. Sao Paolo?
    gas pipe explosion that injured many
  24. the "green city" of brazil?
  25. city form?
    focus on market/historic core, spine/elite sector, squatter settlements
  26. location, demise, fact about Maya:
    southern mexico, guatemala, beliz, el salvador, and hoduras; wiped out mostly by disease; impressive calendars and political system, never died out
  27. location, demise, fact of Aztec:
    central mexico; fell to spanish empire in 1521; capital tenochtitlan is now mexico city, human sacrifices to gods
  28. location, demise, and fact of Inca:
    peru, ecuador, bolivia, chile, argentina; treaty of todesillas; architecture still around, six majoy gods rep sun, moon, etf
  29. people of mixed european and indian descent?
  30. people of mixed european and african descent?
  31. the blending of two or more cultures which produces a 3rd culture that exhibits traits from both culture parents?
    cultural sycretism
  32. practiced by indigenous people of mexico?
    day of the dead
  33. the patron saint of mexico seen by an indian shepard boy in 1531
    the virgin of guadalupe
  34. brazilian carnival?
    three day carnival featuring african musical traditions, reign of momo
  35. becomes famililar with after falling victim to a magicians spell by having a black magic object hidden in their home
  36. informal economy?
    self employed, low wage, unregulated, untaxed
  37. formal economy?
    government sanctioned, taxed
  38. income distribution?
    wealth still held by elites, not very distributed through classes
  39. a large estate or ranch?
  40. primary export dependancy:
    19th century most of income was from exports of one or two crops
  41. in 60s and 70s latin america ________ because you cant depend on one or two crops
  42. theory that the expansion fo european capitalism created latin americas underdevelopment
    dependency theory
  43. neoliberal policies
    stress privatization, export production, direct foreign investment, and few restrictions on imports
  44. dolarization
    when a country completely changes its currency to the US dollar
  45. impact of remittances?
    helo sustain economy or last resort?
  46. a conditional cash transfer program in Brazil that gives incentive to parents to keep their kids in school
    bolsa familia
  47. treaty of todesillas?
    pope drew N-S line dividing land between spain (west) and portugal (east)
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