Vocab Unit 8

  1. acrimonious
    bitter in temper or tone; adj.
  2. bovine
    cow-like, sluggish, unresponsive, slow; adj.
  3. consternation
    dismay, confusion; n.
  4. corpulent
    fat; adj.
  5. disavow
    deny responsibility for; v.
  6. dispassionate
    calm, free from emotion; adj.
  7. dissention
    sharp difference of opinion; n.
  8. dissipate
    to scatter or disappear; v.
  9. expurgate
    to cleanse or purge; v.
  10. gauntlet
    an armored or protective glove; a challenge; n.
  11. hypothetical
    based on an assumption or guess; adj.
  12. ignoble
    unworthy, low in character; adj.
  13. impugn
    to attack as false; v.
  14. intemperate
    lacking self-control; adj.
  15. odium
    hatred; n.
  16. perfidy
    faithlessness, disloyalty; n.
  17. relegate
    to place in a lower position; v.
  18. ssqueamish
    inclined to nausea, queasy; adj.
  19. subservient
    in a servant or submissive role; adj.
  20. susceptible
    open to or easily influenced
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