1. Crucifix
    cross with the representation of Jesus on it , often a symbol Christianity found in holy buildings or worn by many christians on a necklace
  2. Denomination
    a branch of Christianity
  3. Eucharist
    the christian ceremony commemorating the last supper , in which bread and wine are consecrated and consumed . Also known as the Mass or Holy Communion
  4. Fasting
    to go without food or something else chosen by an individual ; in religion it is to emphathise with others and try to gte closer with God
  5. Icons
    images or pictures which are used to aid focus and concentration in prayer
  6. Lord's Prayer
    probably the most well known prayer in Christianity , taught by Jesus to his followers
  7. Meditation
    an idea connected to prayer and worship where and individual is occupied in thought and reflects deeply on spiritual matters or may concentrate on an idea or object
  8. Prayer
    communicating with God either individually and privately or communaly with others
  9. Ritual
    order and set approach to worship , where the same actions may be performed
  10. Sermon
    a talk given by a minister which highlights an important issue or topic
  11. Symbol
    a icture or image that represents something else ; it usually has a deeper or more significant meaning
  12. Trinity
    the christian belief that God is three seperate persons within One - Farther , Son and Holy Spirit
  13. Worship
    a way of honouring or respecting God with great devotion
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