geography exam / 3rd quarter / 7th grade

  1. What is one of the hazards caused by earthquakes?

    a snow storms
    b ice caps
    c landslides
  2. If pollution from Mexico City has reached as far as Texas, what type of issue has this become?

    a national
    b state
    c international
  3. When trees are cleared in the Amazon rain forest to use the land for farming, this is refered to as what type of farming?

    a terrace
    b subsistence
    c slash and burn
    slash and burn
  4. The rainforest is being cut for lumber and farming. What environmental reaction can happen because of the loss of the rainforest?

    a cattle ranching
    b large industry
    c land erosion
    land erosion
  5. Central American nations are tyring to increase trade with other countries. The U.S., Costa Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua signed a trade agreement. What is its name?

    a NAFTA
    b EU
    c CAFTA
  6. In the late 90s, the weather phenomenon ElNino caused a drought in Panama. The drought also closed the hydroelectric power plant at Gatun Lake, in the middle of Panama. The Panama Canal is important to world trade. This issue would be considered what type of issue?

    a state
    b national
    c international
  7. What is one of the differences between Puerto Rico and Cuba?

    a their languages
    b their governments
    c their religions
    their governments
  8. Why did the Brazilian government offer land to people to move to the nation's interior?

    a Brazil has one of the largest economies
    b Brazilians live comfortably
    c Half the farmers work on less than 3% of the land
    half the farmer work on less than 3% of the land
  9. Caribbean nations are members of a trade organization similar to NAFTA and CAFTA. The organiztion is to coordinate economic and trade relations. What is it's name?

    a Caricom
    b EU
    c United Nations
  10. Cuba has a communist governmet which has a command economy. Who makes the decisions about their economy?

    a people
    b government
    c scarcity
  11. What is one of the most predominate land features of the South America?

    a the equator
    b Cape Horn
    c the Andes
    the Andes
  12. The climate near the equator (at sea level) is _____

    a temperate
    b tropical
    c extremely cold
  13. The climate in the Andes, 15,000 feet above sea level is __________

    a temperate
    b tropical
    c extremely cold
    extremely cold
  14. What is one of the industries that is contributing to the destruction of the rainforest?

    a automotive
    b electronics
    c lumber
  15. Colombia has tried to stop the growing of cocaine in their country by encouraging the _____

    a automotive industry
    b textile industry
    c cut-flower industry
    cut-flower industry
  16. To transport goods, many Central American countries depend on the ________

    a Panama Canal
    b Pacific Ocean
    c St. Lawrence Seaway
    Panama Canal
  17. In Central America, most service industries are located in _______

    a one large capital city
    b rural areas
    c several small cities
    one large capital city
  18. Puerto Rico became a commonwealth of ______

    a the United States
    b Spain
    c France
    the United States
  19. What is the major contributing factor to Mexico's air pollution?

    a cutting of rain forests
    b oil drilling
    c exhaust from cars
    exhaust from cars
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