midterm for chad 164 questions

  1. What are the two primary functions involved in parenting?
    • a. structure: aspects of parenting behavior aimed
    • toward providing children with the means to regulate their lives and to lay the
    • foundation upon which a chil’s personality is formed

    • b. nurturance: meet child’s need for unconditional
    • love
  2. Understand the concepts of Equifinity and how it applies to
    • a.
    • Families attend similar goals in different ways

    • b.
    • There is no correct way to do discipline
  3. Piaget Cognitive Developmental Stages
    • Sensorimotor: birth-3
    • elementary understanding of cause and effect
    • Preoperational:3-6
    • emergence of language
    • concrete operational: 6-11
    • mastery of conservation/reversibility
    • formal operational: rest is up
    • decrease ego, abstract
  4. Postpartum psychosis
    • serious psychiatric condition.
    • These parents have delusions as well as hallucinations that accompany the
    • symptoms of PPD. They can kill their child
  5. AZT
    • drug commonly prescribed
    • for those with AIDS or HIV
  6. AVERAGE preganancy
    280 days
  7. age for low birth weight?
    under 20, over 40
  8. reciprocal
    you treat, like that! i treat you like that!
  9. equifinity
    • families share in common
    • goals but reach these goals in different ways
  10. Goodness of Fit
    • Congruence or match between the temperaments of
    • a baby and that of its parents and family system
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