7 Articles

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  1. What is Article 1 and what does it do?
    • Legislative power.
    • Establishes the legislative branch of government.
  2. What is Article 2 and what does it do?
    • Executive Power
    • Describes the presidency procedures for the selection of the president.
  3. What is Article 3 and what does it do?
    • Judicial Power
    • Describes the court system/Supreme Court
  4. What is Article 4 and what does it do?
    • States powers and Limits
    • Describes the relationship between the states and the fed governemnt and amongst the states.
  5. What is Article 5 and what does it do?
    • Process of Ammendments
    • Describes the process necessary to amend the constitution
  6. What is Article 6 and what does it do?
    • Federal Power
    • Establishes the constitution , and the laws and treaties of the united states made in accordance with it.
  7. What is Article 7 and what does it do?
    • Ratification
    • sets forth the requirements for ratification of the constitution
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