1. Personality
    one's unique constellation of traits, habits, coping strategies, self concepts, beliefs, values, and defense mechanism
  2. the unconscious (2)
    unconscious thoughts that a person is not aware

    -2 levels unconscious proper and preconscious
  3. Invention of psychotherapy (2)
    -started off by hypnotizing patients

    -freud then would use free assocaition and dream interpretations
  4. Hysteria (2)
    -physical symptoms in the absence of physical pathology

    -disorder in which certain body parts became paralyzed
  5. Catharsis
    process of removing or lessening psychological disorders by talking about one's problems

    - ex) hysteria
  6. Transference (2)
    strong, underserved feelings patients develop toward the analyst during course of treatment. good or bad

    -feel same way for analyst as they did for parents
  7. manifest content
    is the content that is being expereinced and rememebred
  8. latent content
    content that has a hidden unconscious meaning to it
  9. Id (2)
    seat of the drive

    -pleasure principle
  10. Superego (2)

    -punishes with guilt ,rewards with pride
  11. Primary process
    rudimentary ability of humans to form an image of a needed object
  12. Secondary process (3)
    rudimentary basic cognitive abilities

    -memory, sense of self, and problem solving

    -after this, ego starts up
  13. trauma
    anxiety with which an individual cannot cope
  14. Psychosexual stages
    1. oral

    2. Anal

    3. Phallic

    4. Latency

    5. Genitals
  15. Conscious
    mental images that are sensed by the ego
  16. Personal unconscious (2)
    repressed experience that pertain exclusively to one particular individual

  17. Complex (2)
    is an emotionally toned conglomeration of associated ideas

    -may stem from personal or collective unconscious
  18. Collective unconscious (2)
    responsible for many of our behaviors, ideas, and dream images

    -it lies beyond our personal experiences, originates from our ancestors
  19. Archetypes (2)
    refers to contents of collective unconscious

    -primordial images or collective symbols
  20. Persona
    side of eprsonality that people show to the world
  21. Shadow
    attributes that we wish not to acknowledge and attempt to hide from oursleves and to others
  22. Anima (2)
    the feminine side of men

    -symbolic of irrational moods and feelings
  23. Animus (2)
    masculine side of women

    -symbolic of thinking and reasoning
  24. great mother
    the archetype of nourishment and destruction
  25. wise old man
    archetype of wisdom and meaning
  26. hero
    image we have of a conqueror who vanquishes evil but has a single fatal flaw
  27. Self
    each person possess an inherited tendency to move toward growth, perfection, and completion
  28. Self-realization (2)
    highest possible psychic maturation

    -balances all archetypes and functions
  29. Mandala (2)
    symbol that stands for striving for unity and completion

    -often seen as a circle within square or vice versa
  30. Extarversion (2)
    attitude marked by the turning outward of a psychic energy so that a person is oriented toward the objective world

    -more influenced by their surrounding world than inner
  31. Introversion (2)
    attitude characterized by turning inward of psychic energy with orientation toward the subjective

    -more tuned in with their inner world than surrounding
  32. Ego (jung)
    center of consciousness
  33. Libido (jung)
    instinctive energy
  34. Social interst (3)
    -fellow empathy

    -nurtured and well developed

    -wants to see social devleopment than personal gain
  35. Tasks of life (3)


  36. individual psych
    optimistic view of people while resting heavily on notion of social interest
  37. Striving for success (4)

    -social prgress more important than self gain

    -motivated by social interest and success in humankind

    -capable of helping others
  38. striving for superiority (3)

    -personal goals insetad of social progression

    -driven by exaggerated feelings of personal inferiority
  39. Fictional finalism (3)
    -not real achievable

    -helps navigate obstacles of existence

    ex) men are stronger than women
  40. lifestyle
    organizing one's life in a manner that will fasiclitate achievemnt of one's goals
  41. family atmosphere (3)
    emotional climate of one's home life

    -unique way how family memebers interact

    -parents relationship will show clear indication how family will be
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