General Psychology Test #4 - Module 1_Video_Sigmund Freud.txt

  1. What was Sigmund Freud the father of?
  2. What were two views of Freud?
    Either one of the leading lights of the 20th century or a fraud, depending on what you believed in.
  3. What is the general conclusion regarding Freud and his ideas.
    Where there is still debate surrounding him today, there is not a scientific consensus of any if his ideas.
  4. What did Freud believe initially?
    He thought that for a while that memories repressed were as a result of sexual abuse when patients were younger. He later acknowledge the lack of basis.
  5. What did Freud encourage his patients to do?
    To speak while awake about any and all that was on their mind, no matter how embarassing.
  6. What did Freud call this treatment?
  7. Freud used psychoanalysis for treatment instead of the standard what?
  8. How did Freud's conclusions impact the West.
    It transformed the west into a system about self.
  9. What was the incident Freud have regarding a Russian immigrant called "Wolfman"?
    "Wolfman came in seeking analysis about a dream with wolves in a tree as a result of debilitating symptoms he was experiencing. Freud determined that it must've been a repressed memory of seeing his parents making love when he was 1 1/2. "Wolfman" insisted such an incident never happened.
  10. What has happened to Psychoanalysis today?
    It has all but disappeared. Replaced by brain chemisty to seek explanations.
  11. Psychoanalysis is directed at doing what?
    Reclaiming capacities instead of recovering memories.
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General Psychology Test #4 - Module 1_Video_Sigmund Freud.txt