General Psychology Test #4 - Module 1_Video_Social/Cognitive Model

  1. What does the social/cognitive model base mroe emphasis on?
    Lerning and conscious cognitive processes.
  2. What are the roots of the social/cognitive model?
  3. Identify B.F. Skinner.
    Made logical contributions to the signal K design that vary environmental conditions and observe effect on behavior. Also pushed to the extreme by stating that behavior is shaped and controlled by environment.
  4. Identify Albert Bandura.
    Added the notion of observational learning.
  5. Define Observational learning.
    When a person can learn by observing, not just by doing.
  6. Define self-efficacy.
    Having the power to affect change by our own action.
  7. Define Social COgnitive Theory.
    Two ways to learn something is through action and observing.
  8. Define Capacity of Forethought.
    Look into future and plan behavior, gives capacity for self-directiveness, and model ourselves off the people who we see as most important.
  9. When a person adopts stardards, what do they do?
    They develop self-worth and self-satisfaction, and do their best to avoid trouble.
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General Psychology Test #4 - Module 1_Video_Social/Cognitive Model