General Psychology Test #4 - Module 1_Video_Fostering Self Esteem

  1. What is class time normally spent on with children?
    It normally goes to complements, also called "warm fuzzies" to make kids feel special.
  2. Define Self Esteem Movement.
    Since successful people have high self-esteem, if we teach self-esteem, we'll have sucesful people.
  3. What is the problem with the Self Esteem Movement?
    No one has been able to prove it does work.
  4. What is the wide belief of the cause of crimes?
    low self-esteem.
  5. What does reserach suggest regarding the effect of the self-esteem movement?
    That the self-esteem movement has no effect and that it may be high artifical self-esteem that has the impact.
  6. People who thought they're superior and thought better of themselves were more what?
  7. What study supported the superior/better = aggressive connection?
    A questionaire was given to a group of undergraduate students containing 100 true/false questions about themselves, and after it was completed, they had to write an essay. When handed in, they were told it would be judged by an unidentified partner. THe partner did not exist. When the person got the negative news regarding their essay, they were given an opportunity to torture their "partner" through the use of sound.
  8. What was the results of the study with undergraduate students?
    Those who enjoyed their essay are 3 times more likely to torture their partner.
  9. What was the results when the same study was done on 65 prisoners?
    They thought better of themselves than the undergrad students.
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General Psychology Test #4 - Module 1_Video_Fostering Self Esteem