1. almorzar (o:ue)
    to have lunch
  2. cerrar (e:ie)
    to close
  3. comenzar (e:ie)
    to begin
  4. conseguir (e:i)
    to get; to obtain
  5. contar (o:ue)
    to count; to tell
  6. decir (e:i)
    to say; to tell
  7. dormir (o:ue)
    to sleep
  8. empezar (e;ie)
    to begin
  9. encontrar (o;ue)
    to find
  10. entender (e;ie)
    to understand
  11. hacer
    to do; to make
  12. ir
    to go
  13. jugar (u;ue)
    to play (sport or game)
  14. mostrar (o;ue)
    to show
  15. oír
    to hear
  16. pedír (e;i)
    to ask for; to request
  17. pensar (e;ie)
    (pen-sar) (pensar +inf.) to intend
    to think about
  18. perder (e;ie)
    to lose; to miss
  19. poder (o;ue)
    to be able to; can
  20. poner
    to put; to place
  21. prefirir (e;ie)
    to prefer
  22. querer (e;ie)
    to want; to love
  23. recordar (o;ue)
    to remember
  24. repetir (e;i)
    to repeat
  25. salir
    to leave
  26. seguir (e;i)
    to follow; to continue
  27. suponer
    to suppose
  28. traer
    to bring
  29. ver
    to see
  30. volver (o;ue)
    to return
  31. andar
    to walk
  32. bendecir
    to bless
  33. buscar
    to look for, search
  34. caber
    to fit
  35. caer
    to fall
  36. prevenir (e;ie)
    to prevent; warn
  37. probar (o;ue)
    to test. prove, try
  38. quebrar (e;ie)
    to break, go bankrupt
  39. reducir
    to reduce
  40. regar (e;ie)
    to water; irrigate
  41. resolver (o;ue)
    to solve, resolve, dissolve
  42. reír
    to laugh
  43. rogar (o;ue)
    to request, ask, beg
  44. romper
    to break, tear
  45. saber
    to know, know how, taste
  46. satisfacer
    to satisfy
  47. sonar (o;ue)
    to sound, ring, blow
  48. sonreír
    to smile
  49. tener
    to have, hold, take, be
  50. valer
    to be worth, cost, get earn
  51. venir
    to come, arrive
  52. conducir
    to drive, lead
  53. confiar
    to trust, commit, confide
  54. construir
    to build
  55. continuar
    to continue, go/keep on
  56. convencer
    to convince
  57. creer
    to believe, think
  58. dar
    to give
  59. detener (e;ie)
    to stop, detain
  60. dirigir
    to direct, address
  61. distinguir
    to distinguish, differentiate
  62. enviar
    to send
  63. escoger
    to choose
  64. haber
    to have
  65. incluir
    to include, contain
  66. indicar
    to indicate, point out, show
  67. influir
    to influence
  68. mantener (e;ie)
    to maintain, support
  69. mentir (e;ie)
    to lie, deceive
  70. morder (o;ue)
    to bite
  71. morir (o;ue)
    to die
  72. obedecer
    to obey
  73. oler (e;ue)
    to smell
  74. oponer
    to oppose, object to, go against
  75. parecer
    to seem, look, appear
  76. querer (e;ie)
    to want; wish; love
  77. sentarse (e;ie)
    to sit down
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