Spanish Reflexive Verbs

  1. abrazarse
    to hug, to embrace each other
  2. acordarse (de) (o:ue)
    to remember
  3. acostarse (o:ue)
    to go to bed
  4. afeitarse
    to shave
  5. apurarse
    to hurry, to rush
  6. ayundarse
    to help each other
  7. bajarse de
    to get off of/out of (a vehicle)
  8. ban~arse
    to bathe, to take a bath
  9. besarse
    to kiss each other
  10. calentarse (e:ie)
    to warm up
  11. casarse (con)
    to get married (to)
  12. cepillarse el pelo
    to brush one's hair
  13. ceillarse los dientes
    to brush one's teeth
  14. comprometerse (con)
    to get engaged (to)
  15. darse prisa
    to hurry, to rush
  16. despedirse (de) (e:i)
    to say goodbye (to)
  17. despertarse (e:ie)
    to wake up
  18. divertirse (e:ie)
    to have fun
  19. divorciarse (de)
    to get divorced (from)
  20. dormirse (o:ue)
    to go to sleep, to fall asleep
  21. dusharse
    to shower, to take a shower
  22. enamorarse (de)
    to fall in love (with)
  23. encontrarse (o:ue)
    to meet each other, to run to each other
  24. enfermarse
    to get sick
  25. enojarse (con)
    to get angry (with)
  26. entrenarse
    to practice, to train
  27. graduarse (de/en)
    to graduate (
  28. irse
    to go away, to leave
  29. jubilarse
    to retire (from work)
  30. lastimarse (el pie)
    to injure (one's foot)
  31. lavarse la cara
    to wash one's face
  32. levantarse
    to get up
  33. llamarse
    to be called, to be named
  34. mantenerse en forma
    to sweat
  35. maquillarse
    to put on makeup
  36. mudarse
    to move (from one house to another)
  37. peinarse
    to comb one's hair
  38. ponerse
    to put on
  39. ponerse (+adj.)
    to become (+adj.)
  40. preocuparse (por)
    to worry (about)
  41. probarse (o:ue)
    to try on
  42. quedarse
    to stay, to remain
  43. quitarse
    to take off
  44. relajarse
    to relax
  45. romperse
    to break
  46. saludarse
    to greet each other
  47. secarse
    to dry oneself
  48. sentarse (e:ie)
    to sit down
  49. sentirse (e:ie)
    to feel
  50. separarse (de)
    to separate (from)
  51. subirse a
    to get on/into (a vehicle)
  52. vestirse (e:i)
    to get dressed
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