1. 1.What is the meaning of "Ramayana"

    the History of Lord Ramachandra
    the history of Lord Balarama
    the history of Lord Parasurama
    the history of Ramananda
    the History of Lord Ramachandra
  2. 2. Lord Rama is the son of
    a) King Raghu
    b) King Dasaratha
    c) King Janaka
    d) King Katvanga
    King Dasaratha
  3. 3, Who wrote Ramayana
    a) Vyasa
    b) Bharadwaja
    c) Vashista
    d) Valmiki
  4. 4. Who was the ruler of Kosala
    a) Dhrtarashtra
    b) Dhuryodana
    c) Dhasaratha
    d) Janaka
  5. 5. What was teh capital of Kosala
    a) Panchala
    b) Indraprastha
    c) Hastinapura
    d) Ayodhya
  6. 6. What does "Ayodya" mean
    a) A place where wars took place
    b) A that which is subdued by war
    c) A deserted place
    d) That which cannot be subdued by war
    That which cannot be subdued by war
  7. 7. What is the other name of Sita
    a) Vaidehi
    b) Sati
    c) Sunithi
  8. 8.Who was the evil-minded servant of kaikeyi

    B) Manthra
  9. 9.What were teh two wishes of Kaikeyi

    B) to send Rama to exile and crown Bharata
  10. Who was Sumantra

    B) Charioteer
  11. 11 Whoas the mother of Rama
    a) Sumitra
    b) Kausalya
    c) Kaikeyi
    d) Kunti
  12. 12. In which state of Modern India is Ayodhya

    B) Uttar Pradesh
  13. 13. Where did the battle between Rama and Ravana take place

    C) Lanka
  14. 14. On hose side was Ravana's brother, Vihishana in the war between Rama and Ravana

    C) Rama's side
  15. 15. What was the name of Vali's brother ?

    D) Sugriva
  16. 16.who set Lanka on fire
    a) Hanuman
    b) Sugriva
    c) Angada
    d) Sita
  17. 17.When Ganga decended from the heavens, who could bear the force of her flow ?
    a) Lord Brahma
    b) Lord Narayana
    c) Lord Indra
    d) Lord Siva
    Lord Siva
  18. 18. What was the intention of Ravan when he visited the ashram of Rama in the guise of a Sadhu
    a) To abduct Sita
    b) To ask for Alms
    c) To kill Sita
    d) To kill Rama and Lakshmana
    To abduct Sita
  19. 19. What awas the name of the place where indra is supposed to rule from
    a) Ajmeer
    b) Amravati
    c) Andra Pradesh
    d) Ajanta
  20. 20. What did Rama give to Hanuman that is to be shown to Sita
    a) Finger ring
    b) Ear ring
    c) Nose ring
    d) Bracelet
    Finger Ring
  21. 21. In return, what did Sita give to Hanuman that is to be shown to Rama
    a) Marakatamai (Her finger ring)
    b) Chintamani (her Diamond)
    c) Vajram (her nose ring)
    d) Chudamani (Her crest jewel)
  22. 22. who was the father of Hanuman ?
    a) Sun God
    b) Wind God (Vayu)
    c) Rain God (Varuna)
    d) Sugriva (King of monkeys
    Wind God
  23. 23. What was was the name of Janaka's kingdom ?
    a) Mathura
    b) Mithila
    c) Videha
    d) Kekaya
  24. 24. What was the Capital of Janaka's kingdom ?
    a) Mathura
    b) Mithila
    c) Videha
    d) Vidharba
  25. 25. Who was Lakshmana's wife
    a) Ulupi
    b) Utapa
    c) Uttaa
    d) Urmila
  26. 26.Who was Ravana's wife
    a) Mandodari
    b) Mandakini
    c) Madanika
    d) Soorpanaka
  27. 27. What were the names of Ravana's brothers
    a) Indrajit & Kumbakarna
    b) Indrajit & Vibishana
    c) Kumbakarna and Vibhishana
    d) Khara and Dushana
    Kumbakarna and Vibhishana
  28. 28. Who killed Tataki
    a) Rama
    b) Lakshmana
    c) Ravana
    d) Hanuman
    Lord Rama
  29. 29. Who was the Guru of Dasaratha
    a) Viswamitra
    b) Vasishta
    c) Vibhishana
    d) Valmiki
  30. 30. Why did Hanuman carry the whole montain, when he was asked to fetch certain medicinal herbs ?
    a) Because he wanted to show the strength
    b) Because he likes to carry mountains
    c) Because Rama asked him to do so
    d) Because he cound identify the herbs
    Because he cound identify the herbs
  31. 31.Name the mountain that Hanuman brought to Lanka
    a) Mandrachala
    b) Mahendra
    c) Sanjivini
    d) Seshachala
  32. 32. Who brought Ganga from heaven to earth
    a) Bramha
    b) Bhagiratha
    c) Siva
    d) Sri Vishnu
  33. 33. Name the bow that Rama brke in Janaka's kingdom to win Sita
    a) The bow of Vishnu
    b) The bow of Bramha
    c) The bow of Siva
    d) The bow of Indra
    Bow of Siva
  34. 34. Where did Bharata meet Rama in the forest
    a) Chitrakuta
    b) Dandaka
    c) Jharikanda
    d) Talavana
  35. 35.What did Bharata carry back to Ayodhya after meeting Rama in the forest ?
    a) Rama's finger ring
    b) Rama's arrows
    c) Rama's bow
    d) Rama's Sandals
    Rama's Sandals
  36. 36.What as the name of Dasaratha's father
    a) Ajamila
    b) Atri
    c) Agni
    d) Aja
  37. 37 Where was Sita when Hanuman first saw her in Lanka
    a) In the Dandaka forest
    b) In a temple
    c) In Ravana's palace
    d) In the Ashoka Grove
    In the Ashoka Grove
  38. 38. In which vehicle did Rama, Lakshman and Sita return to Ayodhya from Lanka
    a) Pushpaka Vimana (flower Airplane)
    b) On Hanuman's Shoulder
    c) Horse cart
    d) Bullock-cart
    Pushpaka Vimana
  39. 39. Who were the twins among Dasaratha's four sons
    a) Rama, Lakshmana
    b) Lakshmana and Satrugana
    c) Bharata and Satrugana
    d) Rama and Bharata
    Lakshmana and Satrugana
  40. 40. Who was Vali's son
    a) Neela
    b) Hanuman
    c) Sugriva
    d) Angada
  41. 41 Who was the guru of the devas
    a) Sukracharya
    b) Brihspathi
    c) Viswamitra
    d) Agastya
  42. 42. At Chitrakuta, who built the hut for Rama and others to live in
    a) Bharata
    b) Guha
    c) Lakshman
    d) Bharadwaja
  43. 43. Who argued with Ravana in his court that Hanuman's life should be spared ?
    a) Vibhishana
    b) Angada
    c) Meghanada
    d) Mandodari
  44. 44. Name the Vulture who fought with Ravana to save Sita
    a) Garuda
    b) Sampati
    c) Thakshaka
    d) Jatay
  45. 45. Who taught Lava and Kusha the use of arms ?
    a) Viswamitra
    b) Valmiki
    c) Brihaspati
    d) Vasishta
  46. 46.Whom did Sugriva send to meet Rama on his behalf
    a) Hanuman
    b) Angada
    c) Jambavan
    d) Jatayu
  47. 47. Who described the beauty of Sita to Ravana
    a) Khara and Dhushana
    b) Mareecha
    c) Subhahu
    d) Surpanaka
  48. 48. Who drove the chariot when Rama, Sita, and Lakshman left fo exile
    a) Bharata
    b) Viswamitra
    c) Sumantra
    d) Daruka
  49. 49. Name the kingdom where Bharata and Satrugana returned after their father' death
    a) Kekaya
    b) Lanka
    c) Mithila
    d) Videha
  50. 50. What was the name of the yanjna performed y Dasaratha to obtain sons
    a) Aswamedha yanjna
    b) Putrakameshti Yanja
    c) Rajasuya yanjna
    d) Ajamedha yanja
    Putrakameshti Yanja
  51. 51.Panchavi mentioned in teh Ramayana is situated in which state of modern india
    a) Andra
    b) Madya pradesh
    c) Uttra Pradesh
    d) Maharastra
  52. 52.What was the original name of Indrajit
    a) Dhenka
    b) Vibhishana
    c) Meghanath
    d) Purujit
  53. 53. Who suggested Kaikeyi to see the bansihment of Rama
    a) Manthara
    b) Menaka
    c) Kausalya
    d) Surpanaka
  54. 54. Who killed the demon Kalanemi
    a) vali
    b) Rama
    c) Lakshman
    d) Hanuman
  55. 55. For how man years was Rma banished to the forest
    a) 10
    b) 12
    c) 14
    d) 13
  56. 56. why did hanuman leap towards the sky soon after his birth
    a) he wanted to play with the sun
    b) he wanted to catch the sun thinking it was a furit
    c) He wanted to eat the sun
    d) He wanted to run away
    he wanted to catch the sun thinking it was a fruit
  57. 57.What form did Maricha assume to deceive Rama
    a) Golden cow
    b) Golden deer
    c) Golden parrot
    d) Golden peacock
    Golden deer
  58. 58. Who made Rama and Lakshman expert archers
    a) Valmiki
    b) Parasurama
    c) Vasishta
    d) Viswamitra
  59. 59. who was crowend king of Lanka after Ravana;s death
    a) Rama
    b) Lakshman
    c) Vibhishana
    d) Angada
  60. 60. Who was the Guru of the Asuras
    a) Sukracharya
    b) Brihaspati
    c) Viswakarma
    d) Maricha
  61. 61.For how long did kumbakarna sleep at a time
    a) 4 m
    b) 6 m
    c) 5 m
    d) 12 m
    6 months
  62. 62. Where did Janaka find Sita
    a) in the forest
    b) Divya-Purusha gave her to him
    c) His friend gaver her to him
    d) In the furrow of the land tiled by him
    In the furrow of the land tiled by him
  63. 63.What was the name of Sugriva's wif
    a) Suma
    b) Uma
    c) Ruma
    d) Buma
  64. 64. Who was Guha in the Ramayana
    a) Chielf of Rakshasas
    b) Chief of hunter tribe
    c) Chief of Ayodhya
    d) Chief of Lanka
    Chief of hunter tribe
  65. 65 Why is Rama sometimes called Raghava ?
    a) Becuase he was the decendent of Raghu
    b) Because he was the student of Raghu
    c) Because he was the brother of Raghu
    d) Because he was a friend of Raghu
    Becuase he was the decendent of Raghu
  66. 66. Where was the mouth of the rakshasa Kabhanda ?
    a) in the neck
    b) in the leg
    c) in the hand
    d) in the belly
    in the belly
  67. 67. who incited Ravan to fight with Rama ?
    a) Sukanya
    b) Surpanaka
    c) Maricha
    d) Mandodari
  68. 68. When Lakshmana swooned after being hit by an arrow f Megnad, who revived him ?
    a) Sushena
    b) Sugriva
    c) Hanuman
    d) Rama
  69. 69. Who was the monkey general, who superviswed the construction of the bridge to Lanka
    a) Sugriva
    b) Hanuman
    c) Angada
    d) Nala
  70. 70. Who gave the pot of Kheer to Dasaratha after he had perfoemed the Yajna ?
    a) King Janaka
    b) A devine being
    c) A rakshasa
    d) King Ravana
    A devine being
  71. 71. Before talking to Sita, how did Hanuman communicate his presense to her ?
    c.by hiding on the tree and speaking of Rama
  72. 72. With which astra did Indrajit subdue Hanuman during Hanuman's first visit to Lanka ?

    D) Brahmastra
  73. 73. Who told Hanuman the story of his birth and encouraged him to make the migthy leap to Lanka

    D) Jambavan
  74. 74. On the bank of which river was Ayodhya ?

    A) Sarayu
  75. 75. Why is Ganga sometimes referred to as Jahnavi

    A) Becuase Sage Jahnu had swalled her once in a single gulp
  76. 76. Why did Lava and Kusa had to fight with Rama's Army

    B) because they had captured the "Asvamedha" hosrse
  77. 77. After Lakshmana chpped off Surpanaka's nose, to whom did she run for immediate help

    B) To Khara & Dhshana
  78. 78. What was the noble tradiion, which Kaikeyi referred to while asking for her boons ?

    A) The tradition of not breaking a promise
  79. 79. Whom did Hanuman mistake for Sita in Ravana's palace

    A) Mandodari
  80. 80. Name the rakshashi whose mouth Hanuman entered on the way to Lanka

    D) Surasa
  81. 81. To whom did Sugriva assign the task of mustering the Vanara forces ?

    A) Nala
  82. 82. Why did Sugriva request Rama to pierce any of the secen Sala trees with his arrow

    C) To be convinced that Rama was more powerful than Vali
  83. 83. What advice did Maricha give to Ravan when he revleaed the paln of abducting Sita

    D) Not to act on it
  84. 84. Why did Sita ask Lakshman to go in search Rama ?

    A) Because she thought that it was Rama who cried out in distress
  85. 85. What did Sita do when she saw five monkeys on a mountain peak

    C) She threw down her ornamants
  86. 86. Where did Lava and Kusa narrate the story of Rama

    D) In the court of Rama
  87. 87. At whose behest did Valmiki write the Ramayana

    C) Narada
  88. 88. Name the bow which Parasurama asked Rama to String

    D) Bow of Vishnu
  89. 89. Whom did Dasaratha send to fech rama to Kaikeyi's palace

    A) Sumantra
  90. 90. Who forbade Sita from wearing garments made of bark before leaving for the forest

    D) Vasihta and Dasaratha
  91. 91. Whose ashram was situation on te confluence of Ganga and Yamuna

    B) Sage Bharadwaja's
  92. 92. Who was the mother of Hanuman

    D) Anjana
  93. 93. In what disguese did Hanuman first meet Rama ?

    C) A Brahmana
  94. 94. Why did dasaratha kill Sravan Kumar

    D) Because he mistook him for an animal at a waterhole
  95. 95. On which river was Chitrakuta situated ?

    C) Mandakini
  96. 96.On which river was Panchaai situated

    C) Godavari
  97. 97. What was the boon given to Ravana by Brahma ?

    B) There would be no harm from any other human being
  98. 98.Why did Sage Jahnu drink up Ganga

    A) He was angry because she had flooded his sacrifice.
  99. 99. Name Bharata's wife ?

    B) Mandavi
  100. 100. Who performed the funeral of Jatayu ?

    A) Lord Rama
  101. 101. Who showed the garments and ornaments thrown by Sita while Ravana was abducting her ?

    D) Hanuman
  102. 102. From where did Bharata rule his kingdom after returning from Chitrakuta ?

    C) Nandigrama
  103. 103. From Where did King Sagara rule ?

    B) Ayodhya
  104. 104. Who was Mahiravana's father ?

    A) Ravana
  105. 105. Who killed Kumbakrana in the war ?

    B) Rama
  106. 106. In the Asoka Grove, when Ravan produced the head of Rama, who assured Sita thta it was not a real one ?

    A) Sarama
  107. 107. During the war, with whom did Ravana fight a wrestling duel

    D) Lakshmana and Rama
  108. 108. Who killed Akampana (he took the message of Khara Dhushan's death to Lanka) in the battle of Lanka ?

    D) Rama
  109. 109. What animals were yoked to Ravana's chariot when he visited Panchavati

    A) Mules
  110. 110. what animals/birds were yoked to Rama's chariot when He returned to Ayodhya in Pushpaka Vimana ?

    A) Swan
  111. 111. To whom did Rama send the Pushpaka Chariot after returning to Ayodhya in it ?

    B) Kubera (Ravana's Step Brother - son of Vishrava)
  112. 112. What was the major role played by Sushena in Lanka

    D) He was a physician
  113. 113. Who told Rama to build an ashram in Panchavati

    A) Sage Agsatya
  114. 114. When Bharata reached the bank of Ganga along wit his army who directed him to Bharadwaja's ashram

    C) Guha
  115. 115. Which tree did lakshman climb to have a clear view of Bharata's army

    A) A Sal Tree
  116. 116. At Chirakuta, who propounded the theory of atheism to Rama

    B) Jabali
  117. 117. How did Ravana threten Sita in case she refused to accept him ?

    C) That he would eat her up as a morning meal
  118. 118.Why did Rama get angry with Sagara (ocean) ?

    D) Sagara did not make way for Rama to cross over to Lanka in spite of Rama's prayers for 3 days
  119. 119.Who killed Dundubhi

    A) Vali
  120. 120. What was Anasuya's (Sage Ari's wife) gift to Sita

    B) Clothes that would never soil, flowers that would be ever fresh and oils and scented pastes that would never be exausted
  121. 121. How many sloaks in Ramayana

    D) 24,000
  122. 122. Where did Rama meet Guha

    B) Sringaverapura
  123. 123. How many ministers did Dasaratha have to advice him on matters of State

    B) 8
  124. 124. On the bank of which river did Rama, Sita and Lakshmana mkae their first halt

    C) Tamasa
  125. 125.Who was Ravanas father ?

    C) Vishrava
  126. 126. Who was Ravana's mother ?

    B) Kaikesi
  127. 127.Why did Kapila reduce Sagara's sons to ashes ?

    C) Because they accused him of stealing their sacrificail horse
  128. 128. Who was Amsuman's grandfather

    B) Sagara
  129. 129. Who was Raghu's father

    A) Dirghabahu
  130. 130. What mantra did Viswamitra give to Rama and Lakshmana to ward off hunger

    D) Bala
  131. 131. What amntra did Viswamitra give to Rama and Lakshmana to ward of thirst

    A) Atibala
  132. 132. Name the brother of Maricha killed by Rama

    B) Subahu
  133. 133. Who was Maricha's mother

    B) Tataki
  134. 134. How did Sita get the name Janaki

    A) Because she was the daughter of Janaka
  135. 135. Who threatened Vali that his head would blow off if he entered Rishyamuka ?

    D) Sage Matanga
  136. 136. Who killed Prahasta (command in cheif of Ravana) in the War

    A) Neela (son of agni)
  137. 137.Which material pushpaka made of

    A) Gold
  138. 138. In whose ashram did sabari perform penence

    A) Sage Mataga (Sabari was his disciple)
  139. 139.Who was Kubera's father

    A) Vishrava
  140. 140. When Hanuman casued damaged to Ashoka Grove, what punishment did Ravana order ?

    B) He ordered Hanuman's tail to be set on fire
  141. 141. Why did Bharata take Rama's shoes with him ?

    D) He wanted to place them on the throne as a symbol of rama's Authority
  142. 142. After laying seige to Lanka, Whom did Rama send to the court of Ravana with a proposal that he should surrender to Rama or face sure death ?

    A) Angada
  143. 143. Where did Rama meet Bharata after his return from Lanka ?

    D) Nandigrama
  144. 144. Why did Lakshmana prevent the completion of Indrajit's yajna ?

    A) Becuase it would make Intrajit invincible
  145. 145. Why did Ravana rder the Rakshasis to escort Sita to the battlefied ?

    A) So that Sita could see the unconsicious Rama
  146. 146. Who was Jatayu's brother

    D) Sampati
  147. 147. Why did indrajit create an illusory Sita and kill her in the battle field

    C) He thought by doing so Rama would die of grief
  148. 148. What was the objective of Viswamitra's intense penance ?

    C) He wanted to become a Brahmarishi
  149. 149. On the bank of which lake was Sabari's ashram

    B) Pampa
  150. 150. What gifts did Sage Agastya give Rama ?

    A) A celestial sword, an inexhaustible quiver, c celestial bow and arrows
  151. 151. Who drove Indra's chariot

    A) Matali
  152. 152. Who assured Rama that Indrajit could have killed only an illusory Sita ?

    C) Vibhishana
  153. 153. How much Keer did Dasarahta give Kausalya ?

    B) one half
  154. 154. What was the name of Viswamitra's ashram ?

    C) Siddhashram
  155. 155. When Hanuman flew over the ocean, who tried to sieze his shadow

    A) Simhika
  156. 156. Who was the founder of Rama's Dynasty

    A) Rahu
  157. 157. Who was the founder of Janaka's Dynasty

    B) Nimi
  158. 158. Who was Janaka's Guru

    C) Valmiki
  159. 159. Who tried to send Trisank to heaven

    C) Viswamitra
  160. 160. When Viswamitra visited Vasishta's Ashram, what gift did he ask from him ?

    D) Kamadenu
  161. 161. Who had cursed demon Kabhanda

    B) Sage Durvasa
  162. 162. On which mountain did Rama meet Sugriva ?

    A) Rishyamuka
  163. 163. What was Vali angry with Sugriva ?

    D) Becaused Sugriva crowned himself King of Kishkinda, thinking that Vali was kill by Mayavi
  164. 164. Who sent Rama a chariot during the war with Ravana

    D) Indra
  165. 165. Who accompanied Dasaratha in his chariot when he went to hel the Devas

    A) Kaikei
  166. 166. Who was the King of mahismati, who defeated Ravana

    A) Kartha Vira Arjuna
  167. 167. What was the King Kartha Vira Arjuna doing when Rava first met him

    A) Bathing
  168. 168. Who was the mother of Yadu

    C) Devayani
  169. 169. What did Siva do when Ravana tried to lift mount Kailas

    C) Siva became angry
  170. 170. Who killed Vritrasura

    C) Indra
  171. 171. Who scceeded to the throne of Northern Ayodhya after Rama

    C) Lava
  172. 172. What used to be the color of the Royal Umbrella

    D) White
  173. 173. Why did Sukracharya curse Yayati

    A) Because Yayati was not faithful to his daughter, Devayani
  174. 174. Who left Sita in the forest near Valmiki's Ashram

    C) Lakshmana
  175. 175. From whom did Ravan seize the control of Lanka

    A) Kubera
  176. 176. what caused the outburst of the first sloka from the mouth of Valmiki

    B) The pitieous cries of a bird whose mate had been shot down by a hunter
  177. 177.How many Sala trees did Rama Pierce with one arrow ?

    B) 7
  178. 178. Why didn't Rama attend the crowing ceremony of Sugriva

    B) He didnt want to enter the city while in exile
  179. 179. Name the place where Ravana and his brothers practised austeries

    B) Gokarna
  180. 180. When the rakshasas frightened Sita seated in the Asoka grove, who subduded them by narrating them her dream ?

    D) Trijata
  181. 181. Who prevented Hanuman from entering the Lanka when he made the leap and reached the city wall ?

    C) Lanka Devi
  182. 182. How did Ganga come to be known as Bhagirathi ?

    D) Because Bhagiratha was responsible for her descent to earth
  183. 183. Who had cursed Dasarahta that he would die of separation from his son ?

    B) Shravan Kumar's father
  184. 184. What did Angada do when Ravana's men captured him ?

    C) Angada jumped onto the fort walls
  185. 185. What was Kumbakarna;s first reaction when he heard of abduction of Sita by Ravana

    B) He was angry with Ravana
  186. 186. Why did Viswamitra ask Dasaratha to send Rama with him ?

    B) To kill demons who were disturbing the sacrifice
  187. 187. What was the main objective of the Devas and Asuras when they wanted to churn the milk ocean ?

    A) They wanted Amrita
  188. 188. In which state of India is the bridge know as Rama Setu

    C) Tamilnadu
  189. 189. Into how many khandas is Ramayana divided

    D) 7
  190. 190. who is Gautama Rsi's wife

    B) Ahalya
  191. 191. Who uttered these words "Ah Sita ! Ah Lakshmana!"
    • a)
    • b)
    • c)
    • d)
  192. c) Maricha
  193. 192. Whose daughter was Mandavi ?

    D) Kushadwaja (Mandavi was Bharata's wife - K was Janaka's brother. other daughter Shrutakeerti was married to Shatrugana)
  194. 193. What did Rama and Lakshmana do when Kabanda captured in his hands

    C) They ct of his arms
  195. 194. On which moutnain did hanuman rest when he made the leap to Lanka

    C) Mainaka
  196. 195. Name Ahalya's husband

    D) Sage Gautama
  197. 196.To whom did pushpaka vimana originally belong to ?

    D) Kubera
  198. 197. Who conveyed to Bharata about the forthcoming arrival of Rama ?

    D) Hanuman
  199. 198. At whose ashram did Sita meet Anasuya ?
  200. a) Sage Atri
  201. 199. Who presented Rama with divine weapon after He entered teh forest along with his wife and brother

    D) Agastya
  202. 200. Who wrote Ramayana in Hindi

    D) Tulsidas
  203. 201. Who killed Ravana

    C) Rama
  204. 202. How many heads did Ravana possess

    D) 10
  205. 203. Ravana's kingdom was known as

    A) Lanka
  206. 204) Ravana was devotee of ?

    D) Siva
  207. 205. Ravana and Kumbakarna were originally the gate keepers of Vaikunta - what were their names

    B) Jaya and Vijaya
  208. 206. Who made Vibhishna crowned prince of Lanka

    A) Rama
  209. 207. Name the sons of Sita and Rama

    C) Lava and Kusha
  210. 208. Rama is worshiped as

    B) Incarnation of Vishnu
  211. 209. Buring Lanka by Hanuman comes in Kanda

    C) Sundara Kanda
  212. 210. In what devotional mood did Hanuman serve Lord Rama

    C) Servant
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