Bio Test#2 Scientists

  1. Basics of heredity, law of segregation, law of independent assortment:
    • Mendel 1857-1866
    • Garden peas
  2. Traits reside on chromosomes, traits sort independently since chromosomes sort independently:
    • Morgan 1910
    • Drosophila (fruit flies)
  3. Genetic info is stored in the nucleus of the cell:
    • Hammerling 1930's
    • Acetabularia (green algae)
  4. Genetic info can be transferred from one cell to another (transformation)
    • Griffith 1920's
    • Mice and Streptococcus *bacteria strains
  5. DNA is the carrier of genetic information and was the factor being transfered in Griffith's experiment:
    • Avery, Macloed, McCarthy 1940's
    • Removed protein from Streptocococcus
  6. DNA is the substance being transferred between bacteria strains
    • Hershey and Chase 1952
    • Bacteriophages with 32P and 35S
  7. DNA and RNA are made of repeating nucleotides (sugar + phosphoruous group + nitrogenous base)
    Levene 1920's
  8. Adenine pairs with thymine or uracil (RNA) and cytosine pairs with guanine
    Chargaff 1960's
  9. DNA is a double helix
    • Franklin 1953
    • X-ray diffraction
  10. Constructed the helical model of DNA
    • Watson and Crick 1953
    • semiconservative
  11. DNA replication is semi conservative (old strand + new strand)
    • Meselson and Stahl 1958
    • E.coli and 14N and 15N isotopes
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