SAT Vocab-Week11:Column1

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  1. Saturnalia
    wild carousal
  2. Scapular
    pertaining to the shoulder
  3. Scarab
    an ornament or amulet in the form of a beetle
  4. Scarify
    make scratches
  5. Schism
    a split, break up
  6. Schist
    a type of crystalline rock
  7. Schizoid
    disposed to schizophrenia
  8. Sciatic
    pertaining to the hip
  9. Scintilla
    barely perceptible amount
  10. Scruple
    reluctance to act because of question of conscience
  11. Secular
    not religious
  12. Sedition
    incitement to rebel against the government
  13. Sedulous
    painstaking and preserving
  14. Seismic
    caused by earthquake
  15. Semantic
    pertaining to the meanings of words
  16. Senescent
    growing old
  17. Sententious
    containing striking sentences
  18. Sentient
    capable of feeling
  19. Sequester
    seize by authority
  20. Seraglio
  21. Shibboleth
    password, identifying phrase of a group or movement
  22. Silicosis
    lung disease resulting from inhaling dust
  23. Simian
    pertaining to a monkey
  24. Simony
    making profit from sacred things
  25. Sinicure
    job requiring little work
  26. Sinuous
    with many curves
  27. Skepticism
    doubt, partial disbelief
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