1. alive?
  2. wordsworth was friends with?
  3. what book did he compose?
    lyrical ballads
  4. fell in love with?
    anne vallon
  5. windmere?
    saxon word for lake mere
  6. Grasmere?
    where woodsworth has doves cottage
  7. who did he marry?
    • anne hutchinson
    • had 5 kids
  8. what was her burried with?
  9. riddel mount?
    his bigger house, had 4 bedrooms
  10. his favorite daughter?
  11. dora's garden?
    filled with daffodils
  12. why didnt wordworth like city life?
    • lack of nature
    • too fast paced, hustle and bustle
  13. lines composed a few miles above tintern abbey?
    • key word joy
    • outdoor scene in wye river valley
    • has TONS of imagery
  14. composed upon westminster bridge
    • sees city as beautiful in the AM cause peple arent up yet
    • *factories arent running, no cars, no loudness, etc
  15. The world is too much with us?
    • people are too busy to take in the beauty of the world
    • greed is bad
    • he is going out into nature to get away from greed
  16. It is a beauteous evening
    • speaks with daughter (caroline)
    • innocence of a child (kids are closest to God/nature)
  17. I wandered lonely as a cloud
    • describes the daffodil he saw on a walk in england's lake district
    • about daffodils
    • watched daffodils dancing
  18. Grasmere journals?
    • by dorothy wordsworth
    • dorothy's observations about the sights and sounds they encountered
    • **she is very descriptive, described everything she sees
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