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  1. 219-01 What does RMP operator have to check the battery for?
    To see if it has sufficient water
  2. 219-01 What does CO arrange to be engraved by the Dept issued engraving tool?
    Crow bar, sledge hammer and poly carbonate shield
  3. 219-02 Who does a vehicle operator report serious deficiency's to? Who does DO report serious def. to?
    • Veh Op: To Plt Cmd or CO in Lt absence
    • DO: Rpt to CO
  4. 219-06 What is the CO's responsibilities regarding tire replacement on Dept. vehicles?
    • 1) Ensure its been mounted and
    • 2) that Tire Replacement form is completed and filed at command
  5. 219-14 Where does DO make entries regarding notification for inoperable Dept. computers and MDT? Who is notified?
    • Entry in Telephone Record
    • Dept Computer: MISD
    • MDT: Fleet Services
  6. 219-14 Who is responsible for and maintain the security and integrity of all official Dept recorded media as evidence or for investigation purposes? In investigative units?
    • ICO
    • (In investigatives units CO does)
  7. 219-14 Who is responsible for hte security and proper utilization of computer equipment of commands?
  8. 219-14 Where are focused audits of computer terminal activity from IAB, CO's, ICO's and investigative units sent to?
    CO, MISD
  9. 219-20 Where does Operations Coordinator notify if there is a loss or theft of NYCT Police Pass Metrocard?
    • 1)Transit Bureau Investigative Unit
    • 2)Transit Bureau Wheel
    • 3)EMD
  10. 219-20 Where is 49 sent by operations coordinator if there is loss or theft of NYCT Police Pass Matrocard, LIRR Police Pass, or Metro North Police Pass?
    • 1 copy with 61 to XO EMD
    • (also 1 copy to CO, Transit Bureau for NYC Metrocard)
  11. 219-26 Approximately how long is a NYCT Police Pass Metrocard valid for?
    Approx 2 yrs
  12. 219-26 When should ICO have metrocards inspected?
    Roll call's and during semi annual inspection
  13. 219-27 What kind of batteries must a command maintain a supply of for radiation detectors?
  14. 219-27 Who does DO contact if radiation detection pager needs to be returned due to damage or malfunction?
    Patrol Borough Counter-terrorism Coordinator
  15. 219-28 Who is responsible to test, meaintain and repair the Dept's emergency generator systems for other than Housing Bureau and Transit Bureau facilities?
    Building Maintenance Section
  16. 219-28 How are emergency electrical recepticles ID'd?
    By a red cover plate or raised lettering on the outlet receptacle
  17. 219-28 What should be done if command personnel require training on how to properly determine the fuel level of the commands fuel tank?
    A work order should be submitted to the BMS
  18. 219-28 How oftern should CO's be responsible to conduct survey's to ensure that all generator rooms , mechaniccal rooms, and electrical rooms are being utilised only for thier intended purpose?
  19. 219-29 What Dept vehicle plaque applications should be sent to IAB, vehicle ID Unit by CO?
    Only complteed and approved applications
  20. 219-29 Who is responsible for collecting a MOS's parking permit when they are transferred?
    New ICO
  21. 219-29 If the vehicle which a restricted parking permit was assigned to is subsequently changed who must MOS notify? And within how long?
    CO within 30 days
  22. 219-29 How long will IAB allow another vehicle not on file to be used with a restricted parking permit?
    30 days
  23. 219-25 Who must DO notify if EZ Pass is loss/stolen or recovered?
    IAB and SPIS
  24. 219-26 Who does the DO notify if there is a lost/stolen Metrocard?
    Operations Coordinator and CO
  25. 219-25 If EZ pass is defective who does ranki9ng officer prepare a 49 to?
    CO Fleet Services Division
  26. 219-02 When does Plt Commander inspect Dept auto's?
    Weekly- 2nd Platoon Sunday
  27. 219-02 What does Plt Comamnder inspect each vehicle assigned to the a command for during weekly inspection?
    • SCAN
    • Service
    • Cleanliness
    • Accessaries
    • NYS Inspection and NYS Reg Current and valid
  28. 219-26 Where does the Ops coordinator send copies of report on typed letterhead to for lost or stolen UMOS metrocard?
    • XO, EMD
    • CO, Transit Bureau Special Inv Unit
  29. 219-20 Who does Ops Coordinator notify and prepare a 49 to for loss or theft of dept property?
    • 49 to CO
    • notify IAB and SPIS (if #'s)
  30. 219-20 Who must vehicle inspection report be submitted to?
    Platoon Commander or DO
  31. 219-01 What records should the RMP operator inspect?
    • 1) Inspection and equipment record
    • 2) radio repair record
    • 3) Radio code signal card
  32. 219-06 What does DO do with "Tire replacement on Dept vehicle" and" tire repair voucher"?
    To CO
  33. 219 How high should commands keep fuel tank levels?
    above 50%
  34. 219-12/13 Who can supervise a delivery of gas and heating oil?
    • Gas-MOS
    • Heating Oil- Uniform or Civ MOS
  35. 219-12/13 Who assigns a MOS to supervise Gas and heating oil deliveries?
    • Gas: DO
    • Heating Oil: CO
  36. 219-03 When are Dept vehicle's needing repair taken to Borough Service Station and to central Repair shop?
    • Borough Service: Business hrs
    • CRS: Other times
  37. 219-17 Who should DO contact to arrange for messenger to pick up contaminated blood or OPIM items?
    Sick Desk Supervisor
  38. 219-17 When do you have to confer with immediate supervisor before using patrol kit?
  39. 219-21 When can a UMOS work without shield?
    • If 1) EMD closed a
    • and
    • 2) Scheduled to work
    • *until Chief of Personnel opens
  40. 219-21 When does the loser of lost/stolen gun/shield/ID prepare part "A"?
    • When lost within NYC
    • *if not DO or Operations does A & B
  41. 219-11 Who is notified if Fuel cards are lost?
    fuel control center
  42. 219-03 When can roadside repair be requested? How are they requested and cancelled?
    • can be requested for Mino repairs on inoperative Dept vehicles
    • (Request thru Dept Tow
    • Cancel- Fleet Services Division)
  43. 219-15 When is the Borough notified of a radio lost/stolen or recovered?
    If radio assigned to a patrol/borough task force member
  44. 219-15 How many defective batteries and defective radios can be sent to the Electronics Section?
    • Batteries: 15
    • radios: 10
  45. 219-12,13 When does DO forward invoice/ticket to Audits and Accounts for Fuel and Oil delivery?
    • Fuel: Next day fwd vendor invoice
    • Oil: Next mail fwd vendor ticket
  46. 219-01 What report plans should be in a Supv's RMP?
    • Detail Roster
    • Rapid Mobilization Plan
    • Command Disorder Control Plan
  47. 219-08 Who does Operator give broken tire chains to?
  48. 219-08 How many tire chains must CO requisition ?
    • Each Dept vehicle housed or assigned AND
    • 1 RESERVE set for each Dept vehicle housed or assigned to Command
  49. 219-08 Where does CO direct that an emergency requisition be forwarded to for broken tire chains?
    Fleet Services Division
  50. 219-07 What is required form an Authorized tire repair station that wants to be removed from the tire repair station list? What must DO do?
    Request: 2 copies of statement of charges due for current month and require return of all "Tire Repair Voucher" pads

    DO prepares: report of all details including 1st and last serial # in each pad returned
  51. 219-21 Who is notified when gun/shield or ID is lost or stolen
    a) in NYC, b) resident Counties, c) Outside resident Counties
    • a) DO where occurred
    • b) DO of either 105 or 50
    • c) Operations
  52. 219-03 What must be done wen an authorized tire repair shop needs new vouchers?
    • C/L entry including first and last serial #'s on old and new pads
    • (Destroy old pads)
  53. 219-23 When call bx or unattended pieces are taken to S/H for safekeeping who must be notified?
    • Business Hrs: Telecommunications Unit
    • Non Business Hrs: Platoon Commander
  54. 219 IO33s10 What is the Hotlist in regards to LPR's?
    a list of targeted Lic Plate #'s and partial plate #'s that are stored locally on a MDT
  55. 219 IO33s10
    What is essential for an LPR oporator to do before initiating any law enforcement action if License plate is on hot list?
    verify Current status of a vehicle through NYSPIN
  56. 219 IO33s10 How often must the LPS device have to be updated with a hotlist?
    24 hrs
  57. 219 IO33s10 Who does LPR operator notify if it becomes inoperable during tour?
    PS and DO
  58. 219 IO33s10 Who does DO notify if LPR device becomes inoperable and required repair or maintenance?
    Operations Coordinator
  59. 219 IO33s10 Who does Ops Coordinator contact if notified by DO when LPR needs repairs or maintenance?
    Vendor 24/7
  60. 219 IO33s10 What is only type of maintenance for LPR's allowed by Department?
    Cleaning camera lens with glass cleaner and soft cloth
  61. 219-18 If a deficient delivery of supplies is sent to a command, where does CO send 49 and what is included?
    To Quarter master, include Dept of purchase form(report of unsatisfactory material)
  62. 219-15 Where does CO send 49 for lost/stolen radios?
    Prepares report to bureau Chief through channels and Chief of Department (indicate complaint number and whether disciplinary action is appropriate)
  63. 219-22 Where does CO request a record check of principals of a vending company?
  64. 219-22 How often does CO inspect command/precinct club ledgers?
    Monthly, by indicating date, time and signature
  65. 219-22 What kind of vending machines are not to be installed or maintained in Department facilities?
    Owned by private companies or individuals
  66. 219-22 Where does CO have to get written approval from to determine if proposed vending machine location has adequate electrical wiring capacity?
    CO, BMS
  67. 219-22 What names, regarding pct clubs, are provided to CO?
    Members responsible for operating machines and principals of vending machine company
  68. 219-04 If a change in the authorized Dept car wash vendor is required, due to unforeseen circumstances where is request sent to?
    Chief of Patrol, thru channels (PG doesnt say actor)
  69. 219-07 Where does CO submit a report to direct, to request that a tire repair station be removed from list of authorized tire repair stations?
    Chief of Dept
  70. 219-08 When does CO direct each Dept vehicle housed or assigned to command be provided with a set of tire chains?
    Nov 1 to Nov 15
  71. 219-08 Who can authorize the use of tire chains for less than 4 inches of snow?
    CO, Plt Cmdr, Patrol Supv
  72. 219-15 Where does CO forward a report if a radio is permanently transferred to another command?
    CO, Electronics section and CO Ops unit without delay
  73. 219-15 How often does CO review Dept records to determine if radios have been assigned on permanent basis from the command?
  74. 219-15 Who does CO confer with to determine the necessity of continuance of radios assigned to another command?
    ICO, Intell and any other outside agencies
  75. 219-15 Where does CO prepare a 49 to for radio damage?
    Borough CO/counterpart and send copy to Electronics Section with radio
  76. 219-15 When radio is lost where does CO fwd copy of final disposition of disciplinary action taken?
    Chief of Dept
  77. 219-16 In emergency situations who supplies additional film and equipment?
  78. 219-16 In mass arrest situations, commands may obtain film from where?
    Office of the Chief of Det, Det Borough Offices or OCCB Ops Desk
  79. 219-01 What 2 pieces of equipment only need to be in marked RMP's?
    1) life ring with rope attached and 2) patrol kit
  80. 219-01 What pieces of equipment are only in Sgt'd vehicle?
    1)restraining straps, 2)waterprof body covers and 3)reports/plans (detail rosters, rapid mobilization plan and Cmd disorder control plan)
  81. 219-04 By when must Pct CO solicit car wash vendors?
    Prior to fiscal year
  82. 219-04 If there are unforeseen circumstances and a change in car wash vendor must take place what should be done?
    49 to Chief of Patrol thru channels (PG doesn't say actor)
  83. 219-04 When does Pct clerical send 2 copies of expense report with original car wash slip? to where?
    By the 10th of month to Audits and Accounts
  84. 219-07 If a tire repair station is to be removed from authorized list what does Do do with tire repair voucher pads?
    File for re-use
  85. 219-08 When does CO prepare for winter?
    November 1- November 15th
  86. 219-08 What is the fee for installing chains at "Tire Repair Shop"?
    Same as the repair of a tire
  87. 219-10 How often does a designated MOS complete captioned entries in "Unmarked Veh Utilization Record"?
    Each day whether vehicles are utilized or not
  88. 219-10 What does supv verify in the "Unmarked Veh Utilization Record"?
    The previous 24 hr total usage, by initialing the appropriate column in the "Unmarked Veh Utilization Record"
  89. 219-12 How often does CO direct a member of command to generate the sensor report?
    Each month
  90. 219-15 Where does CO have "Radio Identification Record" and "Defective Radios" stapled?
    • Radio ID Record stapled on inside front cover of Radio Assignment Log
    • Defective Radios stapled on inside rear cover of Radio Assignment Log
  91. 219-15 Where does CO fwd 49 to if command radios are permanently transferred to another command?
    49 to CO, Electronics Section, CO Ops Unit Office of COD without delay
  92. 219-15 How often does CO reveiw records to see radios assigned permanently from your command?
  93. 219-15 How often does ICO reveiw and ID radios assigned permanently to another command?
    Monthly (and confers with CO as to necessity)
  94. 219-15 Who must approve all reassignment of radios to other commands?
    CO, Communications Section
  95. 219-15 Where does CO send 49 when a radio has been damaged?
    • Original to Borough CO (with circumstances of misuse/abuse and corrective action taken)
    • Copy to 1- CO Communications Sec thru channels, 1-to Electronics Section with radio, and 1-to file
  96. 219-15 When does UMOS assigned call Electronics Section to determine if a radio has been repaired?
    within 4 weeks
  97. 219-15 To where does Co indicate a duplicate copy of 61 or DD5 for lost/stolen or recovered radio sent to?
    IAB, Bureau and Patrol/Det Borough Command
  98. 219-15 What does CO enter in "Radio ID Record" remarks section in regards to lost/stolen or recovered radio?
    61 # and explanation
  99. 219-15 Where does CO send report including circumstances of loss or theft of radio, 61#, and whether disciplinary action is appropriate?
    Original to Bureau Chief thru channels and copies to Chief of Dept (Direct), CO, Communications section thru channels, IAB and Cmd File
  100. 219-15 Proposed discipline for radio loss will be included in CO's report as a recommendation, however disciplinary action will be held in abeyance until approved by Bureau Chief concerned. Where does CO fwd copy of final disposition of disciplinary ation taken to?
    Chief of Dept
  101. 219-16 Who ensures MOS are trained on use and maintenance of Polaroid cameras?
  102. 219-16 If minor malfunctions of Polaroid Camera cannot be made at command where does DO/Designated MOS notify?
  103. 219-21 How does 1)CO/Duty Capt and 2) CO of MOS concerned distribute "Loss" form for lost/stolen firearms, sheild, ID card?
    • CO/Duty Capt- Part C, distribute as indicated on bottom of form
    • CO of MOS- Part D distribute as indicated on rear of form
  104. IO 22(219) When does CO inspect pagers assigned to individual UMOS?
    during semi annual inspection (and ensure ICO monitors)
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