GRE Unit 1

  1. abate
    v. to decrease; reduce
  2. abdicate
    v. to give up a position, right, or power
  3. de facto
    p. in fact, whether by right or not; exercising power without being legally establised
  4. aberrant
    adj. deviating from what is normal
  5. aberration
    n. something different from the usual or normal
  6. deviant
    n. a person whose behavior differs from the accepted standards of society
  7. abeyance
    n. temporary suppression or suspension
  8. abject
    adj. miserable; pitiful
  9. abjure
    v. to reject; abandon formally
  10. abscission
    n. the act of cutting; the natural separation of a leaf or other part of a plant
  11. abscise
    v. to cut off or away
  12. hypothesized
    v. form a hypothesis, that is a proposition put forward as a starting point for further investigation
  13. adaptive
    adj. relating to adaptation, an alteration in structure or habits by which a species improves its condition in relationship to its environment
  14. herbivorous
    adj. feeding mainly on plants
  15. abscond
    v. to depart secretly
  16. abstemious
    adj. moderate in appetite
  17. abstinence
    n. the giving up of certain pleasure
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