Year 11 Biology Digestion 6

  1. Why do nectar and pollen feeders have short digestive systems?
    • ~The nectar requires no digestion and provide immediate sugar and water for the honey possum
    • ~Usually the pollen grains are digested within 6 hours
    • ~Mammals that live on plant juices, nectar and pollen are commonly known to have a short digestive system
  2. Explain the digestive system between foregut and hindgut fermenters in relation to herbivores?
    Foregut fermenters- four chamered stomach with large rumen. Have small and large intestines are long.

    Hindgut fermenters- small stomach with a large caecum.
  3. Why do carnivores have short digestive systems?
    • ~ Carnivores have a reduced or small caecum compared to herbivores
    • ~Canivores can digest protein very easily compared to the digestion of plant material eaten by herbivores
  4. Why are photosynthesis and cellular respiration essential for all ecosystems?
    • ~ To produce an equal amount of energy for the cell
    • ~ The worded equation for cellular respiration is
    • ADP+Pi
    • glucose+oxygen----->carbon dioxide+water
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Year 11 Biology Digestion 6
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